Drive Thru Floating Cup 3 - YouTube.jpg

Rahat the YouTube magician who has made his bones performing magic effects in his car while pulled up to drive through windows is at it yet again. This time, he brings it all home with his Return of the Jedi in the epic Floating Cup trilogy. In it, we get the best reaction this effect has ever received.

A young fast food worker is mystified by what’s happening and calls over her manager. One would think that Ms. Marsha would calm things down. She does not.

That moment happens at about the 1:22 mark.

  • HAL

    How you doo dat? Where was this done, ‘Stoopidville’?

  • Joe Monti

    This mthrf***ing video is koooooool.

  • HAL

    ┬áIt’s a camera trick.