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Murray SawChuck’s new show at the Laugh Factory got it’s first major review on Friday, a B from Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Mike Weatherford.

A fan of magic, Weatherford is eager to be wow’d by magic but understandably has the patience of a layperson who’s seen a billion Vegas shows. He’s quick to dismiss a trick he’s seen done before, specifically if he’s seen it done better by someone else.

All that being said, he dug Murray.

But it is a great fit for the comedy club. Seldom do you see a little show that is sensitive to its environment, rather than trying to ignore it.

Murray’s great idea is to ramp out the comedy club’s regular stage to a circular extension surrounded by the audience. Murray doesn’t stick to just close-up parlor tricks, but mixes in a couple of Vegas-style cabinet illusions. So squeezing the lovely Chloe Louise into the usual contraptions takes on a new interest from this “in the round” perspective.

Murray’s show take place at 7 p.m. daily at the Laugh Factory in the Tropicana.