BETA_ Two Hearts? Your Card Must Really Love You - Cheezburger.jpg

Earlier this week, we brought you a picture of our buddy Dezrah who sent us this photo of himself ready for memeifcation.

Thanks to the talented minds that read this site, we got some great re-captions including the one above by commenter Ethan.

Two more of our favorites await you AFTER THE JUMP but the party doesn’t have to stop there. If you think you can do better, hit up this page and make your own so you can post them in the comments.

BETA_ That... That... That... ... WAS the clean hand?! - Cheezburger.jpg

Credit: Derpy McDerperson

BETA_ Oh crap! Wrong card! I think your_s is in my shorts!! - Cheezburger.jpg

Credit: @Billyjackmagic

  • Ethan

    I was super happy when I saw this. Glad you guys liked it.

  • dezrah

    The only thing I’ve ever wanted is the ridicule and disrespect of my peers, thank you iTricks for making my dream a reality. 

  • Ethan

    Being turned into a meme is an awesome thing, it doesn’t mean ridicule and disrespect!

  • Bizzaro Galore

     Congrats, you just outed yourself. None of us knew who you were! By the way, Ethan is right. This isn’t disrespect or ridicule. You want those things, go the magic cafe.

  • Paul Spring
  • Craig Burr

     Dezrah I have just checked your website from your twitter profile and that looks nothing like you

  • Sharon Belladonna Edwards

    lol !

  • dezrah

    This is one of the strangest comments about me that I’ve ever read. I think the picture is hilarious, and I loved the fact that people were able to have some fun with it. I think it’s crucially important that no one, especially performers, take themselves too seriously.

    Take the job seriously, not yourself.

    …and as far as the “Two Dezrahs” controversy, I can assure you, the person in the picture, and the person on the website are both me. It’s just an ill-fitting suit and Jim Carey level acting skills that give the illusion of two different people.

    I’m just that good. Or old, yeah, I suppose it’s possible that one of those pics is recent, and one is from me in my 20′s.

    Nah, we’re magicians, we know that things are always, exactly, what we assume.