Hulu - Community_ Ricky Nightshade.jpg

As part of the Community finale, we were introduced to Rick Nightshade. With his open leather vest, long chained bling jewelry and tousled black mane dipping over his eye line we can’t image who he is trying to imitate.

Check out the clip below and let us know if Joel McHale made a believer out of you.

  • HAL

    Maybe if her did a few camera trick demonstrations, we could figure out who it is?

  • Kevin Kapinos


  • Craig Burr

     haha yes I agree, it would become much easier to figure out. Right now he is just a punk, add camera tricks and it instantly becomes Criss Angel.

  • HAL

     By all means….Six seasons with about 6 real tricks. How lucky we are.

  • Tom

    Funny all you losers have some career. Can you say jealous?