PLAYLIST LIVE 2012 - Doing Magic for iJustine & Jenna Ezarik! - YouTube.jpg

Vlogger superstar iJustine was befuddled by magician JustJoshin while at Playlist Live in Orlando a few weeks ago. It was recorded on video so his claims could be verified. We have the video now. Enjoy.

  • HAL

    Didn’t Copperfield reveal the rubber band trick in an iTricks video a few days ago?
    And the Ace of Spades, These girls are probably amazed at anything.

  • Chezaday

    You ran into iJustine … how did you even sleep that night?

  • Magician in Portland Or

    Love how she’s playing on her phone at the end…

    Seriously, you know you’re doing okay if you can keep em off their damn phones for most of your routine. Story of my life…lol


  • Josh Janousky

    Hey guys thanks again for featuring me!