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Last night Penn Jillette was shown the exit on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Penn got the boot because his slogan “You Earned It” was seen as too smug for Success cologne. Ultimately, it was the deft gameplay ability of Clay Aiken who did him in. Aiken had the choice to bring back any of his team members after they lost this week’s challenge. He chose Penn.

Watch the full episode here…

Aiken has long been the foil for Penn commentary on the show and his experience with it.

That also came to a head yesterday when he released a song named “Clay Aiken” on his podcast Penn Sunday School. While the point of the ditty is more about Penn’s role as “professional celebrity” and less about the Claymate Pontiff himself, it is certainly no coincidence the song isn’t called Arsenio Hall or Lisa Lampanelli.

  • Roccomagicman

    wow one nailed it in one take!
    penn a pro all the way in everything he dose!

  • HAL

    The show will be kind of boring without Penn. Maybe Teller can do the next season?