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Val Kilmer. Amazing actor. Self-aware oddball. National treasure.

He is currently at the Tribeca Film Festival promoting his new film The Fourth Dimension where he plays a street preacher named, what else, Val Kilmer. His portion of the film is directed by Harmony Korine, who once tried to make a documentary where he picked fights on the street of New York City and lost.

His cameraman for that project was David Blaine. Who readers of this site know… is kind of interesting in his own right.

Kilmer discusses what we assume is the most insane conversation ever held.

“It was a magical moment,” Kilmer says of Blaine introducing him to Korine. “Harmony’s really a storyteller. … David Blaine is the same. David is hard to stop. I would say he’s a better storyteller than a magician. David shuts up when Harmony starts. I’m wildly entertained by [Korine]. Sometimes he’ll tell stories about addiction or robbing — it’s just madness. His wife is just trying to will it out of reality like it didn’t really happen.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall.

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