flash paper.jpgOn a recent episode of our podcast The Magic Week in Review, we interviewed magician and prolific magic television producer Enrico de la Vega. While discussing career mistakes, he told this story.

I almost lit a lady’s cleavage on fire at the Magic Castle with flash paper.

Back when I was a junior magician at the Magic Castle, I was doing my stage act. I would do a thing where I throw flash paper up into the audience and I’d try to aim for the center aisle.

Except one time, one flew into the lady’s cleavage.

She patted it out and then looked around at everyone in amazement because she didn’t get burned.

After the show, she came up to me and said, “that was amazing! It didn’t burn me!”

I was like, “Yup, magic fire! It doesn’t burn and you’re not going to sue me for that.”

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