Escapology is always pretty tricky. On one hand, there is an extremely simple reliability to the demonstration. Get out or fail. One the other hand, we know how it ends. Which is boring.

Traditionally, we haven’t seen straight escapology work in the Got Talent franchise. But Lucas Wilson hopes to prove us wrong in the the Canadian version of the program.

Above is his audition. Only he knows how he plans to mix things up going forward but this bit has a good tension to it. His youthful exuberance certainly adds to the effect. He promises bigger, better and crazier going forward and he’s going have to deliver if he hopes to best history.

If you want to follow the ins and outs of CGT, make sure to check out Canada’s Magic blog. It’s like a fresh order of magic Tim Bits.

  • Canada’s Magic

    Thanks for the shout out and for posting about CGT!

  • HAL

    Being the picky pain that I am. It’s spelled two ways here..Strait, and Straight.
    I believe Strait is correct, the name of the inventor.

    Obviously, a straight jacket is clothing for someone who isn’t gay?

  • Lucas Wilson

    Thanks for the share!

    So excited to be a part of this! 

    Lucas Wilson

  • Lucas Wilson

    I can do it in less as well and actually hold the official record.
    So far my drama has been the added pressure of a world record, people know and respect world records. When I went on the show I had to figure out a way to stand out from everyone else and instead of just escaping from the straitjacket I added the world record part in. You only have “90 seconds” With the world record from 2006 being 54.24 seconds I thought it was a perfect fit! It seemed to work so far!

    To each his own. I enjoy speed and the wow factor of a world record but also enjoy the tension of a slow escape. Its a double edged sword but so far I am just having fun! 

  • Roccomagicman

    i guess i agree with you now that you put it like that. i wish you good luck my friend!
    and i cant wait to see your custom illusion peter lougran built you!
    his work is top notch!

  • Lucas Wilson

    Old clip was pulled but see another one has been uploaded here:

  • Peyton Snow

    Peyton Snow ,That was great!Thanks for coming to Doverwood for Art Soup.I have been practicing the tricks that you taught me and my class.I especially like the bouncing rubber band.Thanks,Peyton Snow.

  • JustinRYoung


  • Matthew Clark

    Yeah thanks for coming to Art soup bro!

    whats the magic words? Chicken wings!