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Out of the “big two” comic publishers, who presents magic in its best light? Let’s take a quick tour…

Marvel Comic

As an overall impression Marvel tends to live more in the metaphysical/spiritual side of magic, having more demons and spirits float through their pages and stories than DC does. Marvel characters that use magic.

Some past examples include Scarlet Witch’s children being revealed as actual demons created by Master Pandemonium, rather than flesh and blood. For those not keeping track at home Scarlet Witch herself is the daughter of X-Men baddie Magneto.

A few years later, SW was a key figure in creating a hex that reduced the number of mutants in the world in the House of M story line. This had major consequences in the X-Men universe.

To top it off though, Mephisto (Marvel’s head devil/demon) cast a spell that basically rebooted the character of Spider-Man back before he was married etc, it was called One More Day, and a sad day that, although demonstrating Marvel’s commitment to mystical magic, did not sit well with many readers.

iron man doctor doom magic.jpgIron man, is famous for his hatred to magic. Some of Tony Stark’s classic moments pit the Armored Avenger against the magic of Doctor Doom. One tale takes them to Camelot, encountering Merlin and pitting technology against the ancient arts. Spoiler alert: Tech wins.

An interesting article/guide on this subject of Marvel Character and magic can be found here as well as a link to a book full of articles on
Characters Who Use Magic.

DC Comics

In contrast to Mavel’s mystical take, DC skews closer to traditional tropes of performance magic, i.e. top hat and tails, trigger words. The Marvel family (Shazam/Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and company) derive their powers from magic and need a magic word to transform into their powered alter egos.

Top strong guy, Superman, is vulnerable not just to kryptonite, but also magic. Top lady, Wonder Woman carries a magic lasso that is used to force people to tell the truth. As mentioned in my prior article Zatanna also has played a major role in the DC universe. Here is a list of other DC characters that use magic.

Day of Vengeance was a big story arc focusing on several magic characters (although not magicians specifically) that lead into a company wide Infinite Crisis Event. So DC shows they will use that touch of magic in big story events also.


Who Wins?

Well, that is really is up to YOU to decide. The reality is there are two totally acceptable, but different approaches to magic presented. It’s like comparing Lance Burton (DC Comic) to Jeff McBride (Marvel Comic). WHO can truly pick a winner between THEM.