bill bixby the magician.jpgIf Bill Bixby gets mentioned in magic circles it is undoubtedly a reference to his role in The Magician. This short lived drama featured Bixby as a wealthy magician seeking to rescue people from various injustices after his wrongful imprisonment. Mark Wilson was the series’ magic adviser and teacher.

Making it even more interesting to fans of magic, Bixby’s character spent about half the of show’s run living in The Magic Castle (evidently they have some swinging ’70s bachelor pads tucked away in there somewhere). Unfortunately, The Magician does not appear to be available on DVD or or any legitimate online source although there may be some VHS tapes floating around.

After his run on The Magician and before his tenure as a regular director on Blossom (you know you watched it), Bixby also starred in The Incredible Hulk as Dr. David Banner. In this show he also wandered around helping people combat injustices, only using the gamma ray fueled beast that was unleashed when he was angered instead of magic.

During season three The Incredible Hulk nodded to Bixby’s past with an episode entitled My Favorite Magician. It featured Banner working as an assistant to stage magician Jasper the Great, played by Bixby’s My Favorite Martian co-star Ray Walston. The episode also features the always cool Scatman Crothers and Mark Wilson acted as magic adviser. Thanks to the magic of Hulu, My Favorite Magician can be watched online.