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When asked to name the three “most priceless” magic artifacts by iTricks’ illustrious editor, I drew a complete blank. Then I thought about the question and came up with the following list. Consider this a philosophical and long-ish answer to a very short question.



No, you can’t own a piece of Houdini, the man. But virtually every thing he created, signed, or was associated with has value. Last year saw several Houdini relics on the auction block, including a rare poster of Houdini on trial in a German courtroom which sold for $30,000 (it had been discovered in a suburban Chicago basement), and a Houdini-owned straight jacket selling for over $40,000. Who knows what mementos of the master escapist will turn up in 2012?

skitched-1964.jpgThe Sphinx Knows

One poll of the Magic Collectors Association asked members to name a single item in their collections which they’d save if a fire were to burn down their homes. The item singled out by a resounding majority of the members was a complete file of The Sphinx, the periodical published from 1902 to 1953. The journal covers a fertile fifty year period, and contains more fantastic information, anecdotes, and instructions for tricks than any one person can digest in a lifetime. It also stands as an example of the boundless amount of magical knowledge that’s been published and is out there, waiting to be rediscovered. If you don’t have the necessary $5,000 to $10,000 for a complete file of The Sphinx, spring for a digital edition (or a subscription to

A Brush with Greatness

If one truth has been proven repeatedly – in my auctions, anyway – it’s that there’s great value associated with objects owned and used by famous magicians. In May 2011, Potter & Potter sold the original Mullica Wallet – the one that started it all, having been used by Tom Mullica for years – for nearly $10,000. Other big-ticket items sold in recent years include a set of Hofzinser’s cups for the Cups and Balls trick, as well as props and items associated with used by Dai Vernon and Howard Thurston.