First things first, Penn Jillette and Adam Carolla are perfect as a duo. We wrote here last week that Penn needs to do a podcast on the ACE Broadcasting Network and we might revise that humble request to a demand for a two mic show featuring the pair of them. Penn’s air-y intellectual musings are humorously deflated by Adam’s droll everyman barbs in this interview for NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

It is Adam joking about Penn’s habit for pontification that brings the only hint of celebrity on celebrity snarking when both agree that the one person who specifically didn’t cotton to the Penn brand of conversation was American Idol winner runner-up Clay Aiken.

Penn: Clay Aiken does not like it.

Adam: No.

Penn: Clay Aiken does not like information. (laughs)

Adamn: Not a fan.

Penn: Clay Aiken does not like information. Me, I am a person who enjoys information.

Adam: Not only do you enjoy absorbing information, you like to dispense.

Celebrity Apprentice debuts February 14th on NBC.

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