Although magicians and skeptical inquiry have a long history together (at least back to the esteemed Harry Houdini), magic and the paranormal are not always at loggerheads. The sleight of hand above is being performed by writer and paranormal investigator John Keel, the man who reportedly coined the term “Men In Black.”

He is probably best remembered for his book The Mothman Prophecies, a chronicle of large winged creature sightings and other strange events in West Virginia. More than simply a paranormal investigator, John Keel was also a member of the Screenwriters Guild.

A lifelong student of magic, his first book, Jadoo, detailed his search for the truth behind the fabled Indian rope trick and other adventures in Egypt and India.

  • Hal

    Wasn’t this Indian rope trick revealed long ago on some TV show? I think it can only be seen on film, and really isn’t hard to figure out. Benny Hill did the same thing.

    Will we ever get over this Paranormal nonsense? Anybody want to offer me a lot of money to spend a night in a haunted house?

  • jpecore

    His effect “”Music Lovers Revenge”" ( a vanish of a 12-inch LP phonograph record) was published in Genii July 1961