This character,fashioned after the magician Leon Mandrake has a long history in the comic strip medium. Leon Mandrake, the stage magician, was known for his top hat, pencil line mustache and scarlet-lined cape, and was the basis for the strip. Many of the real life people in Leon’s life and act made their way into the strip including Narda, his first wife and stage assistant, Velvet, his life-time partner would also later make appearances, along with his real-life side-kick, Lothar.

Lothar, in the comic strip was Mandrakes best friend and crime fighting companion and sadly was cast as a stereotype of a black servant to Mandrake. He did get a bit of a revamp of character in 1965, but still not enough to step out of that box.

Mandrake also probably holds the record for the longest unfulfilled romance with his beau Narda, having a 30 plus year romance, on the comic strip, that finally came to nuptials in 1997.

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Some comic book issues were produced with Mandrake including a 3 issue limited series by Marvel comics in 1995 by Mike W Barr, but only 2 issues saw print. Is this guy related to Kevin Smith perchance?

Mandrake has had the widest exposure in different media, appearing in radio, film, TV and more but that is a story for another time…

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