Looking at old issues of comics one of the striking things is the price. Back then comics ran at 10 cents an issue, compared to roughly four dollars now (although some companies currently are trying to hold at three dollars a comic).

Blackstone Sr. the Magician was featured prominently in a number of comics, many bearing his name, from 1942- 1948, when they cost that magical price of 10 cents an issue.

Blackstone was presented as magician detective, a super magician, and a master magician. It was interesting to see he offered a teach a trick section in the few issues of Master Magician that ran in 1946.

Due to the old nature of the issues not much is know about the contents, a cover gallery can be found HERE.

The comic series was instrumental in seeing a radio program launch in late 1948 and run for a few years.

Those episodes are archived here, but use actors and not Blackstone himself in them. Radio Archive

This magician stands out as having the most comic appearances to date, and as one of the few to headline his own comic book.

  • Mjlauckwriting

    Actually Mandrake, who was most probably based on Leon Mandrake (in addition to the strip’s resemblance to Leon his main female assistant Narda was also an early character in the strip), handily beats Blackstone in comic strip and comic books appearances. Sadly, real life magicians and comic books would come together at least one other time in 2007 when the Masked Magician graphic novel was unleashed!

    Interesting note on the the Blackstone material: most of the comic appearances and radio show episodes were penned by the many who pretty much singlehandedly made magic a multimedia experience: Walter Gibson.

  • Randyburtis

    Heh, I was just doing some research on Mandrake for my next article, and he has indeed a lot of appearances, thanks for your comments also, it is a small world in magic and comics it appears :)