In the pursuit of magicians in comics we now enter the world of Jeff McBride. I am a big fan of Jeff’s, but hadn’t run into this online comic about him until recently. The comic is ArcMage, by writer/artist Duncan Eagleson and it was created in the late 1990’s and can be found HERE.

Eagleson has also worked at DC Comics on their acclaimed Sandman series and shares many similar interest as Jeff, including masks and magic.

The main character is a skeptical reporter sent out to find if real magic exists, and he crosses paths with Magnus McBride, and a mystery begins to unfold. There are some Easter eggs hidden within the 51 page story.The story is not resolved however. There are a couple of mildly intense visuals and some mild language, but it very much captures the essence of Jeff McBride, there are drums, myth, magic, and ritual.

I would have liked to seen this go further and developed more, but it is a fun diversion into the magical and mysterious world of Jeff McBride.