According to an interview by Latino Reivew with Fright Night remake screenwriter Marti Noxon, the magician played by Doctor Who alum David Tennant who many (including us) just assumed was a riff on Criss Angel was actually inspired by Penn & Teller.

I was really inspired by the idea that Penn & Teller have this amazing supernatural collection. And I was like, well, who can be a real asset? It has to be set in Vegas, specifically because I have been thinking about that for a long time, having spent some time there during the election. I was out in Park County and these various places and I thought where better for a demon to hide out than in Vegas? It’s a transient population where people sleep all day and party all night. Nobody would notice if people just went missing, you know? I’d already been thinking about Vegas and it was a natural — I knew about the Penn & Teller museum and I was like okay, we’ve gotta make him like this but can’t be cynics like Penn & Teller.

Fright Night opens August 19th.