Uri Geller and DaredevilA hero blinded in a tragic accident only to develop heightened senses-a “radar sense”; a young phenomenon with extra sensory powers given to him from a strange light. Sounds like a perfect combo for a team up, and it was in Daredevil 133 as Daredevil teams up with Uri Geller.

This comic was published in 1976 when Uri was still a rising star and prior to the “meeting” with James Randi.

Within the frame work of the comic, it is an interesting subtlety that Daredevil has the ability to read peoples heart beat’s and tell if they are telling the truth, and Uri’s “origin of his powers story” is wholly accepted. Uri also mentions that Marv Wolfman (comic writer) was approached by Stan “The Man” Lee to use Uri in a story. Marv was skeptical, but after having his own key bent by Uri, Marv was convinced he had powers.

This comic really stands out as one that uses a real magician within its pages and sculpts a comic book story that blends the 2 well(keeping in mind the story is written in the 70’s and the cheese factor is HUGE).

Geller, helps free Daredevil from the villain, uses his powers to break the villains gun, and displays other heroic actions and powers in this issue.

Uri has scans of the issue, and his take on the story HERE