Community fundraising platform Kickstarter has been home to musicians, artists and aspiring filmmakers for months now but we’ve yet to see many magic acts look to make their dreams a reality by way of digital donations.

Enter Derek McKee.

The Colorado native and star of the Make Believe documentary is looking for $1,000 to fund a tour of 15 schools (and additional 250 will be sent a DVD of the performance) with an educational magic routine and is looking for help on Kickstarter.

Check out his video above and donate if the mood strikes you.

We would be shocked if this is the last magic project we’ve seen on Kickstarter.

  • Guest

    That kid is living my EXACT dream, must be pretty cool I guess.

  • JustinRYoung

    You do know that ANYONE can start Kickstarter right? Start living the dream!

  • Jeromy Estabillo Chan

    dang. beat me to it…