Keith Barry blacked out on stage while attempting an escape during the finale of his show in Dublin, Ireland. The end of the show normally sees Barry inviting two of the strongest men in the room on stage to tie him to a chair as tight as they can, to add suspense, Barry’s face is also sealed in cling wrap so he cannot breathe.

Should Barry not be able to escape in less time than it took to bind him, the volunteers get to split €500.

Spoiler Alert: they got to split the €500.

But things began to go wrong last weekend when the cling film was wrapped around Barry’s face too many times.

“They tied me up so tight, that I couldn’t get out so I blacked out, probably for about five seconds.”

Despite losing control over his arms and legs Barry explained that he knew his only chance of recovering was to remain calm.

“If fear overcomes you then you’re not going to get out.”

Eventually Barry recovered sufficiently to free his arms and rip the cling film from his mouth and nose.

This isn’t the first time Keith has been in the news for an injury. In 2007, Barry almost lost his leg in a horrific car wreck.