In our constant mission to bring you the best daily dose of magic content we would like to open our doors to a few more contributors. Specifically, we want to focus on more magic culture, some of the amazing nooks and crannies of this fascinating industry and culture.

In short: we are looking for folks who would like to write one short post a week about something they feel passionately on. Here are list of topics, if one of them strikes you, email iTricksStaff@Gmail

• Interesting playing card facts (history, strange facts)
• Really odd magic acts
• Magic in other countries
• Street performer interviews
• Worker interviews
• Strange magic collectibles (what’s in collections out there)
• Magic in other media (comics and movies – greatest magic movies of all time, etc.)
• Comic book cross-overs
• Magic and music (Michael Jackson, NYOTB, historical)
• Magic’s biggest WTF moments
• Greatest magic feuds in history

Do you have your own passion subject that you think would be perfect on the site? Email iTricksStaff@Gmail with your idea.