Discovery Channel’s special The Supernaturalist starring friend to iTricks Dan White brought in big numbers. According to TV By The Numbers, 1,295,000 watched after a new episode of Mythbusters retaining a vast majority of the lead in pulling a .6 in the all powerful 18-49 demographic.

This is very, very good news for Dan. Now the watch is on to see if the show moves on the series.

Also, to everyone who asked questions in the below Q and A post please be patient. Dan texted iTricks to apologize for not getting to the questions sooner but his day has been very busy. He will get to all of them soon.

  • Magicnews

    a .6 is horrible – r u kidding?

  • #2 Magician

    Everything is relevant. If you compare this to the Joe Monti iTricks show with 30 some viewers, a .6 rating should be in the Guiness Book. We must support ALL magicians.

  • Andrew S

    Was I the only one who was completely underwhelmed with the special?  It seemed to me that White wanted a David Blaine-esque special on TV and the network told him the only way that would work out is if they added the stupid “real magic” theme.  He looked totally uninterested in it the entire time and the magic wasn’t anything special either.  I was hoping this would be great for magic but instead, left myself and my laymen friends saying “David Blaine did all this stuff before… and better.” 

  • Exitmat

    @Magicnews: Did you bother looking at the link and seeing how other cable shows compared? This isn’t network television, it’s cable. Dan’s show fared very well in comparison to other shows (all more established) in the time-slot on the same night. 

  • Crow Garrett

    Huge respect and props to Dan White for a very successful TV Hour! I Want to say that this is one of the best magic TV specials I have seen to date. Very few guys have touched on the idea of going to other country’s and and exposing America to other types of magic out there. Penn & Teller did it, Blaine did a small segment in one of his specials (so small you kinda don’t really notice it) an I think Todd Diamond did it on his Indonesia special. Its great to see it on American TV. 

    I also love the idea that a story line was put in, a lone traveler looking for the secrets to life essentially, I’m a huge fan that the focus wasnt on the effects them self’s but the culture that the effects are being done in. Congrats Dan, You did a great job I don’t see it being done any better! I really hope this gets picked up as a series. 

  • magic-linda

    I dont know if you are aware of this. But Florian Zimmer from Germany did the apple trick from the video before Dan White! Please see the link: