Eric Ross blasts through a number of effects whilst Ellen sits in slack jawed amazement. What do you guys think?

Not quite sure how this ended up on the site before airing across the country but heck, their misplacement is your gain!

  • Exitmat

    The ideas he demonstrates as ones he makes better are not original to him. Those are classic effects.

  • Guest

    Typical taking credit for other people's work on television.

  • Francismcallister

    He performed them well however he went 90 miles an hour with all of his tricks. To fast…

  • JustinM

    I'm quite sure he didn't mean it that way.

  • Christopher

    @eximat… Only a Magician would know that…laymen don't know that…and don't really care either.

    He was very nervous…but he worked thru it and I think that Magic got represented very well today. Proof that Magic doesn't have to be knuckle busting to be well received. Ellen liked it, the audience like it…that's all that ANY of us can ask for.

  • Emerson Rodrigues

    What was the Eric Ross youtube video that Ellen show before?

  • Diamondcutmagic

    Tons of guys present 'memorized deck' routines, saying they've spent years learning this, but they really are only memorizing four cards, or even just one card. It's a presentation for a magic routine. He did the work, he GOT on the show, he's allowed to perform what he wants to perform, and use whatever presentation he wants to use.

  • Magicforu

    OK as the neighborhood kid doing card tricks, but he’s not a performer yet.
    I guess this is the influence of Reality TV on magic.

  • Exitmat

    I guess I don’t get why someone would refer to themselves as a creative consultant that makes ideas better when they’re about to perform classic effects. What was the point of working that angle? I don’t get it. How did deliberately taking credit for effects he did not create help his performance? Was it really necessary?