Shattered Reality

Mockup-Illusions by Lance Richardson

Manufacturer’s Description

Shattered Reality illustrates the psychology of magic where the magician uses sight, sound and even touch to create the illusion of a solid mirror being smashed to pieces, and then restored. In this unique effect, a framed mirror is inspected and touched by an audience member moments before the magician inflicts a damaging blow, making the mirror shards spill onto the floor. When the damage is done, the magician pulls back the protective cover revealing that all but one of the mirror pieces have been smashed out. A quick shake of the frame makes the last piece fall to the floor with that all-too-familiar sound of broken glass echoing through the theater. After the magician picks up the broken pieces in a bag, he flips it open then reveals the fully restored mirror, showing that the pieces have disappeared, only to have returned to the once empty frame.

Cameron’s Description

The manufacturer’s description really sums up the idea of the effect in a lengthy description. From the description the effect almost sounds too good to be true and guess what, it isn’t. Mr. Richardson has written a great booklet for performers looking to add a stand-up or illusion effect into their shows. This 24-page book goes into very great detail on how to construct the necessary prop.

Cameron’s Favorite Part

I love making gimmicks and effects in my garage. More than half the time it will never leave the garage. Shattered gives even a novice the ability to make his own prop at a reasonable price. It doesn’t fold up and go in your wallet but it can be disassembled so the weekend warrior can carry it in his Camry.

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