He performed it live during Magic Vs. Science week at The Magic Castle last year. Last night, Michael Carbonaro brought his shaving cream manipulation act Shaving Dream to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Props to Kimmel for booking such a unique act and huge congrats to Michael for getting the exposure.

For those who haven’t seen the act, what do you think?

  • Confused

    Sorry, but I don’t really get it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/crowgarrettmagic Crow Garrett

    he was supposed to be performing at the Castle the day that this aired. but you can catch him through out the rest of the weekend there….

  • Flappytclown

    And what did that have to do with magic?
    It was not funny,or Magical.
    how did that act get booked at the castle?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.loudermilk Brett Loudermilk

    What's not to get? It's about imagination.

    What happens when you get bored with the day to day? You play, you have fun, you entertain youself. This piece is about exploring that.

  • Alejandro

    I did not like it very much. It looks like something i would to to amuse my 2 year old nephew. Honestly i thought something really cool was coming but i was disappointed. No magic, no tricks and nothing really funny.

  • Wesiseli

    Thanks so much for posting that! I have been looking forward to seeing this since I heard you guys talking about him during magic vs science week at the castle.

  • HAL

    It's clever and unusual, but what is it doing on a magic site????

  • Unimpressed

    Yeah, I agree with those who didn't like it. It wasn't funny, and it wasn't particularly impressive. The characters weren't even recognizable, I had no idea what each character was supposed to be. They all just seemed like old guys.

  • FriendinFlorida

    Gotta give the guy credit..that took guts. Whats up w/ Kimmels hair? Me thinks some misdirection going on.

  • Chase Million

    I loved it when I saw it live. I still love it. It's fun and full of joy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crowgarrettmagic Crow Garrett

    “What is this doing on a magic website?” He is also a very successful magician making an appearance on TV… “No magic, no tricks and nothing really funny.” What magicians have to do magic all the time? This is something different. Have you ever seen someone do this with shaving cream? I will understand if someone says that they don't like. More power too you its your opinion and you deserve it. But don't judge this video on the basis of it doesn't have a card trick in it… In the art of magic we have a group of sister arts that we should support, and at the Magic Castle we do support them. Ventriloquist, Jugglers, Sideshow, Mimes, Contortionist, Etc… We all fall under the art of Variety. As I think this act should how ever you decide classify it. Michael Carbonaro is one the of the best and funniest magicians I have ever seen. I am honored every time I get to see him perform. And you would be too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/smappdooda Bizzaro Galore

    It’s honestly better live as he was rushing thru it it seemed because well.. that’s TV. Sorry those of you who didn’t “get it” because he wasn’t sporting a top hat or producing cards from his fingers. In my opinion, what he does is magic without magic.

    I’d put his act up against any of you haters any day and chances are.. he would smoke you.

  • DanSperry

    WOW…not magical? WTF? Then Disney isn't magical – okay maybe not anymore – but back in the day Disney was magical! Of course it is just a matter of opinion and taste – people don't think Piss Christ was art just like I'm sure many of you don't find this magical. But just because it doesn't have a card or coin vanish doesn't mean it isn't magical to some people. The one day I was at Magic VS Science THIS act was the coolest thing there that I saw – and keep in mind Magic VS Science was supposed to have some really cool underground edgy stuff from magicians and it was Michael and Frank Olivea (sorry don't know how to spell his name) were the two things I heard talked about the most besides Rudy. (That was not a magic vs science slam so please don't run with it in that direction – i'm just saying) Michael is an amazing talent and when I saw him do this live he took the audience on a journey that was magical. Some acts just don't translate to TV well, Ardan James is an example. See him live and you'll be blown away but for some reason, and he admits this himself, the act just doesn't translate to TV.

    So, let's give the guy some credit. He's got a clever act that is different – he's got the magic background, but yet this is what they showcased him with. He got on Kimmel and we didn't AND he did it with a can of shaving cream and NOT a pack of playing cards or birds or boxes. If magic is art, then this is art, and as artists we should support talent – I know I'd rather see this on TV than another rapper or top 40 singer. I'd rather have this possibly inspire the next generation rather than Katy Perry.

    *not saying I'm right – this is just my opinion of michael's act, what its doing on iTricks, and some may not agree with it and that's ok, just offering a suggestion of mind opening imagination stirring acceptance. You can't please everybody so drop trou and please yourself is what I say…

  • Banester

    Well first I didn't hear Jimmy introduce him as a magical act so you shouldn't be surprised there is no magic.

    I liked it and what appears to be easy I am sure was not! Something unusual and pleasnant, but not sure if I would run out and pay money to see the act.

    Dan what's not to like about Katy P? Except when she has her make up off WOOF!

  • FriendnFlorida

    OMG Dan! Ur last line…what a potty mouth. God I miss Sperry live :(


    This guy should approach Gillette for sponsorship.

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    Funny enough, I remember Katy Perry being the talk of MvS as well since she came to see Rudys show one night.

  • FriendinFlorida

    lol. I think u might be on to something DVC.

  • christophertracy

    Love it! He should have ended it with: “I'm on a horse!”
    (I was distracted by the really cool folding table to his right that I can't afford ;^)