For some of the kids at the Windsor Regional Hospital’s pediatric ward they have been through some rough times. Enter magician Ron Gudel. Gudel is a┬ávolunteer┬ámagician who has been entertaining the kids every Monday for for the last three years. It allows the children a few moments of relief.

“Magic really does exist. And it’s not in the tricks nor the sleight of hand, or even in the sleeves, but more in the look of wonder and the smiles on these kids’ faces.

Gudel is a hit with both kids and parents alike. The smiles say it all.


    What a great thing Ron is doing for these children. There are very few things that have the power to distract the way that magic does. Such a wonderful gift to give these sick children. This is yet another way that under-employed magicians could spend their free time and I guarantee that every parent, nurse and doctor will be advertising to everyone they talk to, what I great magician they encountered at the hospital that day…which will result in future jobs.

  • Banester

    That's awesome, hats off to Ron for doing something so nice!

  • Bastard

    Ron is a FAKE.
    The truth is he is just trying to ease his guilty conscience. But this won’t make up for him abandoning his son 29 years ago!

  • Bastard

    Nice to help kids Ron BUT what about your first born son Jonas who you denied and abandoned at birth. How do you sleep at night??