Some of you may ask who is the new editor of iTricks.TV and who post these “iTricks.TV Picks”? This is me. My name is Crow Garrett, I am a professional magician that works in a style and personality of a rockstar. I love the art of magic and I hope to see more of it from you the readers. Send your videos in so I can share them with the world.

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  • HAL

    Hopefully someday, there will be a law banning card tricks.

  • Exitmat

    I’ve never been so depressed watching magic be performed.

  • HAL

    It’s a pity that magic has reached this all time low. Card tricks and video effects, like BB King says, ‘The Thrill is Gone”. Boring..Boring..Boring

  • FriendinFlorida

    Outstanding. That is beyond hot.