With all the buzz that has surrounded Penn & Tellers hit, “Fool Us” it was almost a matter of time that the DVD announcement was made. As Tweeted by Teller, the DVD is set to hit the UK February 7th.

The pre-order link can be found HERE

Thanks to our good friend Mr. Andrew Webb for sending this in.

  • Run

    Does anyone know how to region unlock a DVD?

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    You need use a region locked DVD player

  • http://www.iddaalive.com/ canl? maƧ izle

    thanks for the pre-order link

  • brendonec

    I was already looking into a region free DVD player just to have REAL copies of Derren Brown DVDs, so this is another plus to getting a region free player.

  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung


  • http://iTricks.com/news JustinRYoung

    I believe all DVD players are unlocked when made. They “lock” when you play a discs from 1 region so many times in a row.