Ardent skeptic Derren Brown will explore the “controversial world of faith healing” in a new special. DvB is (has?) come to our fine country to explore the practices of those who allegedly channel God’s Will into the defective mortal carriers of the weak, sick and lame to heal them of their ailments.

The special will include Brown coaching a random member of the public on the techniques used to create these effects to see if he can convince a crowd they are witnessing a miracle of Jesus.

The special will be a 90 minute affair, no debut date is set.

  • HAL

    Nothing will convince those who believe. Randi exposed Poppoff, yet he's still making millions. Sylvia hears from the dead, Aliens are flying all over, the world will end next year. These Faith Healers should be healing brains.

  • brendonec

    Yeah even saw on inside edition (Have no idea why i was watching it). new guy Braco…..STUPID BS