Continuing with what seems to be an ever growing interest in magic and it’s relation to the sciences there comes a new interest in how the psychology of magic relates to that of a computer scientist. The folks over at the University of Manchester are looking to explore how techniques that magicians use can be adapted to the field of computing.

‘People are often surprised to realise that some clever magic tricks work because of cunningly hidden mathematics or computer science principles. Magicians don’t only rely on knowing how to perform their tricks, they also have a flair for psychology – they understand how we work as people. And it’s this trait that computer scientists share with magicians. This is the same type of psychology that computer scientists try to understand and use to help design easy-to-use computer systems.’

First there was magic and the brain. Now there is magic and computers. Whats next for magic and science?

  • Michael Olsen

    Magic VS Science, what else Corey