This was just too awesome not to post. Johnathan Pendragon sharing a drink with comedy legend John Belushi and cultural icon Hunter S. Thompson.

Here is the scoop on the picture from the man himself:

I was stunt coordinator on Continental Divide, credited under the name I used as a stunt man, “Jonathan Yarbrough.” The picture was taken on location in Colorado, and later we went to Hunter’s house and blew up beer bottles with a Thompson submachine gun — not an experience you tend to forget!

Thanks to Johnathan for allowing us to put this up on iTricks.

  • eugene magician

    Wow…that is VERY cool! I just watched “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” again the other night(Johnny Depp plays Hunter S. Thompson) and then I click onto itricks and see this…too funny!

    What a great picture for Pendragon to have in the photo album, him along side two legends…thanks for sharing!