Now here is an interesting situation involving two much maligned magic industry figures.

According to Norm Clarke, Val Valentino and his friend Ron Jones were escorted to the entrance of the Luxor when they were spotted by Criss Angel at a party being hosted by the Mindfreak star.

“He looked at me,” Valentino said, “and yelled, ‘Get that piece of (expletive) out of here.’ It was bizarre, so unprofessional. I was so disappointed in him.”

Barely mentioned in the Clarke column is that Valentino is better known (or unknown) as the Masked Magician, a controversial figure in our industry to be sure. Completely unmentioned is that Valentino more recently presided over an entire episode of the newest incarnation of his franchise (2008′s Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed) where Angel’s biggest illusions were spoiled, albeit for a middling audience and with negligible cultural resonance compared to his popular, if boring, specials from over a decade ago.

So there we have it, Criss vs. Val. Who ya got?

  • wharsexy

    Nice job criss. I agree with joe, exposing magic and teaching magic is 2 different things. WOW, how did media change this art!

  • FriendinFlorida

    From Criss' twitter. I assume it is about this.

    “Ridiculous, comical and untrue! I have never met or have spoken with that guy in my life. Sounds like a desperate attempt for PR.”

  • DrewDickelman

    According to Criss's twitter, this never happened. He says its a publicity stunt pulled by Valentino.

  • HAL

    Quote from the great Criss Angel….”You can't fake these things, if you did, it would be all over the internet in two seconds”. I just viewed 2 showing the Grand Canyon farce. How many amateur, mistake filled videos can they produce? That's the most amazing part of his act. This isn't revealing any magic methods, just the facts. All I ask is that you look for yourself..Then tell me I'm wrong. His work is a disaster. This is what magicians are claiming helps their careers?

  • JustinRYoung

    We embed what is available on YouTube.

  • HAL

    Thanks Justin: If only you would show the ones I would like to see here.

  • HAL

    To be fair, there are several who CAN’T figure out Criss’ tricks….Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Andrea Bocelli, Ronny Milsap, Helen Keller, Jose’ Feliciano,
    George W. Bush.


    I can’t remember which season Criss said this, but I will NEVER forget it. He said: “…people THINK they are in control…when in fact I’M ALWAYS in control” (actually, when I think about it, it was the poker table segment from season 1 or 2). Ever since he said that….I’ve always questioned what I read.

  • Crow Garrett

    Why are 2 of my post at the top of the comments? Is that just a glitch in the program or is there a reason for that?

  • Dean

    Always appreciate your thoughts and insights and I enjoy reading your posts, thanks. Hal, it’s one thing to write about Criss, the interminable thorn in your side– but how dare you in having the pomposity to even consider writing about his family. He tragically lost his dad to cancer and his mom had bypass surgery. He mentions his dad out of love, respect, and admiration and has his mom on the show which so many people seem to connect to that part of his life as they too may have shared similiar experiences. How heartless and callous you are to try to use them to further your loathsome remarks. I’m sure you at some point of your life, knew someone that was lost to cancer or had bypass surgery. If people were to demean their existence or make light of their sufferings and insensitively poke fun of their ailments or even demise– I’m sure you would take offense to them. Shows any lack of charactor, common sense, or scrupples you should have. What kind of an example can you possibly be to those who might look up to you (can’t imagine anyone who looks up to you other than your dog if you have/had one). You are at the same level as Rover and you surely are not part of the human race you sadistic/sad/pathetic slimeball. So keep your losing battle with the one you are ineptly battling–CA!!

  • Crow Garrett

    I am not amazed by the stupidity… Never mind, I dont even care to respond to you…

  • babyhouseman

    I think I love you. :) Your post is spot on. Unfortunately all your comments fall on deaf ears because Hal DOES NOT care what he says or how he says it. He never learned manners. All he knows is rudeness. His sick obsession with Criss just brings it out into the open.

    I happen to like Criss' family. There nice people. I have met them personally and they strike me as good people who support their son/brother.

    Just wanted to say thank you for your post. I heartily agree with it. Too bad it's wasted on a poor, twisted soul….that is if he has a soul…..

  • JustinRYoung

    Fair warning to everyone… any further comment that negatively refers to

    another commenter will not be approved in this thread. Thank you!

  • HAL

    TYVM…That is certainly fair.

  • Banester

    I don't have the same opinion as some of the magicians out there about magic has been better off with the exposure.

    How many TV specials have we had since then, Criss and David what about the quarterly shows? Was magic exposure better than having regular shows? Have we really seen new illusions or just new presentations? The first series of exposure rocked the charts and then it declined. Why is that? Could it be that once people saw the simplicity they lost interest? I really don't see how it improved magic at all, but that is just my opinion.

  • Moore Majik

    Im all for the MM exposing magic that cant be done in real world settings & live for real people & ONLY works on tv.

  • Moore Majik

    Im all for the MM exposing magic that cant be done in real world settings & live for real people & ONLY works on tv.

  • Oakiapyre

    Unfortunatly Val is not the MM, he was payed off to say he was the MM, the real MM stated this in an interview a year or so later after the reveal.