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During my live TV series The New Uri Geller in Holland, myself and one of the producers came up with a proposal for Joran van der Sloot to be hypnotized to attempt to find out the truth, which could finally solve Natalee Holloway’s tragic disappearance. Someone from production traced van der Sloot through Facebook and he agreed to participate. However, for various production reasons, it did not proceed.

I subsequently still believed that this could be the basis of a very powerful documentary, especially if we manage to extract the truth out of van der Sloot through hypnosis, which could possibly help solve the case and provide some comfort for the family. I was hoping for the interview and session to take place in Aruba, but van der Sloot was in Peru and indicated that he was stranded there and had no means of getting back to Aruba. In order to facilitate the interview in Aruba, I agreed to forward a one way ticket from Peru to Aruba together with $600 to cover his expenses.

A few days later we were horrified to learn that he was wanted by Interpol on suspicion of murder. We immediately contacted the British police and Interpol.

Any allegation made by van der Sloot that additional monies were paid to him by me are totally and absolutely untrue.

Make of this news what you will.