Steal This DVD is a collection of 7 effects from the mind of Eric Ross which are sure to stun even the most perceptive spectators. On this DVD, Eric utilizes everything from playing cards to rubber bands to a needle and thread. All the effects are taught in great detail with multiple real life performances on the streets of New Orleans.

:: Think Ink ::
A piece of paper is dipped into a glass of water and a selected card appears on the paper in bright color.

:: Linkage :: Two rubber bands are held very openly and with no funny moves the bands link. This has got to be one of the most visual rubber band links to date.

:: Breathe :: You breathe onto a nearby window and a selected card appears in the fog. The greatest thing about this one is that no gimmicks are required.

:: Xplode :: A playing card explodes to reveal a selected card.

:: Wager :: A selected card vanishes from the deck and a dollar bill is in its place. When the spectator opens their hand it is revealed that they are now holding their selected card.

:: Book Smart :: A chosen card is burnt into the selected (and previously inspected) page of a book.

:: The Infection :: This truly bizarre effect allows you to thread your ear piercing with a needle and thread and allow a spectator to rip the thread straight through your ear.

Steal This DVD by Eric Ross – $29.95 DVD/Download