UPDATE: Max from Penguin emailed to assure us that their offer, although patently silly, will be honored should someone decide to pony up the cash. Duly noted.

It’s the day after March 31st and boy do Penguin Magic and theory11 have some VERY SERIOUS deals for you! First, Maxwell Murphy would like to tell you about a new premium shipping option for all those customers who love magic, would love to film magic videos like their heroes but lack the pretty women freaking out which are such a crucial element of such clips.


Meanwhile, across The Internet. theory11 has finally lifted the veil on Daniel Madison’s revolutionary new DVD CHANGE. You have never seen a change like this. Seriously, it’s mind blowing. Sure, maybe it was little more mind blowing like two years ago but you’d be hard pressed to say it still doesn’t evoke a smile and a recaptured sense of child-like wonder.


We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of VERY SERIOUS business offers and deals for you, the consumer, on this date of April 1st, 2010.

April Fish.