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This weeks new magic review are all NEW effects by John Kaplan, Russell Leeds, Adrian Sullivan & JB Magic, Carl Leek & Wizard FX Productions, and Nopera Whitley & David Leon Productions. So let’s check it out AFTER THE JUMP!

Just Think w/DVD By Adrian Sullivan and JB Magic
alt="DVDJUSTTHINK-FULL" title="DVDJUSTTHINK-FULL" width="140" height="140" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2425" />
You ask your spectator to think of any playing card, this done they are given a piece of paper and a pen and are asked to write down the card they are only thinking of. The paper is crumpled into a small ball and placed in their pocket. You now run through a regular deck and remove one card only. Without ANY questions the card is placed face down onto the spectators hand. For the first time they reveal the card out loud.THEY turn over the card it is exactly the card they are thinking of.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $15.00

Cansposed By Carl Leek and Wizard FX Productions
alt="DVDCANSPOSED-FULL" title="DVDCANSPOSED-FULL" width="98" height="140" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2424" />
Imagine asking a spectator to choose any drink and, no matter what they have chosen, you crack open a sealed can and pour out their drink.
This modern day version of the Magic Kettle will blow your audience away. Any drink chosen can appear in the can!
This is not just another card trick! Using an everyday item, this incredible effect will be remembered by your spectators for a long time to come.

Includes Gimmick & Instructional DVD.

“I can see me having a lot of fun with this. I believe that it’s a worker and it’s eminently practical and with presentation skills will really pack a punch.”
- Martin Waring – The Magic Cafe

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $35.00

More Banding Around By Russell Leeds
alt="DVDMOREBANDING-FULL" title="DVDMOREBANDING-FULL" width="140" height="140" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2427" />
Russell Leeds is back with ‘More Banding Around’! A follow up to his original best seller, ‘Bnding Around’ this DVD shows you how to incorporate simple props into your rubber band magic and take it to the next level using new concepts and amazing new routines.


THREE: Three bands are produced one at a time and then vanish completely!

LEGACY: The classic two in the hand and one in the pocket routine with a great kicker ending.

STUCK: A signed sticker jumps from band to band, vanishes and re-appears in the card case.

DIFFUSE: An incredible penetration of a band through a pen.

FLAME: A band turns into a match which then causes a whole box of matches to change into bands!

IMAGINE: An incredible bare handed productions of a rubber band.

TORN: A band is snapped and then visually restored.

GENESIS: 2:24: Two bands fuse into one. The band then passes through your hand before it is split back into two whole bands again.

THE LEEDS RING HOLDOUT: A new concept in rubber band magic.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $30.00

Scorched By Nopera Whitley and David Leon Productions

“A revelation that will literally FRY them!”
A selected card is scorched into another playing card.
“Endless routine possibilities…
the Hottest way to reveal any card, word, name and more.”

Routines include:

Scorched a selected card is burnt into another card with a flash of fire.

Heart Burn a heart is burnt into a card with only your fingers.

Includes smoke from fingers.

Words and Names great for book test and mentalism routines.

And other ideas from Andrew Gerard

DVD and Gimmicks included

*some routines require flash paper that is not included.
Basic tools are required to make the Scorched gimmick and should be available anywhere and not cost much either!
Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $25.00

Killer Cut By John Kaplan
alt="DVDKILLERCUT-FULL" title="DVDKILLERCUT-FULL" width="140" height="140" class="alignright size-full wp-image-2426" />

One handkerchief. One newspaper. One cut.

They saw it happen. Or did they?

Your spectators will be doubling their own senses after they witness this diabolically devastating double restoration.

Here’s what your spectators see…
•You openly show a silk handkerchief and a sheet of newspaper.
•The silk is fairly placed into the folded newspaper.
•The newspaper and handkerchief are cut in half.
•The halves of both the handkerchief and newspaper are shown to be unmistakably separate.
•Both the handkerchief and the newspaper are again cleanly and openly shown.

No switches. No steals. NO worries. Nothing added or taken away.
Completely self-contained. Practically self working and exceptionally clean and easy in handling. You show the same handkerchief and newspaper openly and deliberately both before and after the effect.

It is a perfect re-creation of a classic stage illusion – Sawing a Lady in Half – that you can preform almost anywhere with things you can literally carry in your pocket.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $29.95

New Magic This Week is compiled by Edward Upthegrove. Send any listings for your new effects to for inclusion. Remember to check our New Magic section for a constantly updated list of new products