Swedish magician Christer Nilsson runs The Swedish Magic Archive in Nyköping, about 100 kilometers south of Stockholm.
It’s a museum dedicated to magic history in Scandinavia.

Christer has collected magic apparatus, posters and other ephemera from Swedish magicians for many years now. Those of you visiting FISM 2006 in Stockholm had the pleasure of watching several of Christer’s posters on display at the convention center.

A very popular Swedish television program recently paid a visit to Christer’s museum an above you can see the clip. It’s in Swedish, but as you know; Magic is an international language.

More about Christer’s Museum at his website magiarkivet.se

John Houdi is a Swedish professional magician and comedian working mostly in Sweden and Scandinavia where he is reporting from. You can find him at www.houdi.se