See that guy? He’s not messing around.

Neither is R. Indushree, an Indian ventriloquist and magician who attempted to break a world record yesterday by performing with the largest doll ever used by a ventriloquist. The doll was a 10 ft. tall representation of Mahishasura (the menacing guy above), a Hindu asura (or, “power-seeking deity”, according to Wikipedia) and constructed by her father. Indushree’s performance lasted the better part of an hour, and the doll is, according to her, twice the size of the previous largest doll.

Performing with such a large doll seems to be quite taxing, as Indushree is quoted here explaining:

Normally magicians and ventriloquists use dolls ranging between 40 to 42 inches. Use of bigger ones casts huge pressure on the shoulders, besides the vocal chords

Having spent most of a summer or two slavishly reciting “da doy dought da dasketdall”, we can totally see what an accomplishment this is. Check after the break for a video of Indushree manipulating three dolls at once – the girl’s got chops.