The new film Oh My God, features a litany of celebrities and thinkers revealing their thoughts about a higher power. When we first were alerted to the trailer, we noticed David Copperfield’s name in the credits and wondered what his role might be in the God doc.

Thanks to a review in the Seattle Times, we now know…

Also of interest is David Copperfield, who is mistaken for a miracle worker by a rich man who wants to cure his son’s headaches. He’s ready to spread his wealth to the famous magician, but Copperfield, while tempted, finally can’t take advantage of the situation.

Again, a follow-up would help, but Rodger is racing off to another location, another interviewee. Questions are batted about, few are answered and some are lost in translation.

Curing A Rich Boy’s Headaches seems like a great name for the next DC special.