10881. That’s a number you’ll want to remember.

Why, you ask?

10, as in the month of October. 8, as in the 8th day of that month. 8 again, as in 8pm EST. 1, as in 1 heck of a show you do not want to miss.

Asi Wind takes over our iTricks Clinic this Thursday at 8pm. He had the, we’ll say challenging task of being Ant’s coach on Celebracadabra. He’s also been on numerous TV shows and stages across the world, and was awarded Israel’s “Best Magician Of The Year” in two consecutive years. He’s phenomenally talented at stage, parlor, and close up magic, and is skilled with magic, mentalism, and everything in between. In short, the kid’s got chops.

And now, he wants to pass them on to you.

Come session with the man himself this Thursday at 8pm, and check after the break if the above video didn’t convince you of his skills the first time around. If you want Asi to give you personal, hands-on, sure-to-make-you-a-better-magician advice on your own performance video, send it on over to itricksclinic@gmail.com.

iTricks. Clinic. Thursday. 8pm. Asi Wind. B. A. N. G. A. G. O. N. G.