On August 31, a certain Israeli spoonbender appeared as a guest on the wildly popular Smap x Smap Japanese tv program. Apparently here on his 100th visit sionce 1972, he performed the effects that made him famous: spoon bending, causing “broken” watches and a compass to move, causing a seed to germinate in his hand, and a drawing duplication.

These, of course, were met with the usual degree of Japanese tv credulousness (“When did you first realize that you had super powers?”).

The full 30-minute segment can be found at this link.

Anyway, a week later on the same program, a character named “Uri Goro” made his debut, displaying similar talents. “One, two, three, BEND!”. “One, two three, MOVE!”

Will he become a recurring character, like the Cyril spoof a few years back? Or will they be sued like Pokemon? Time will tell.

Here’s a little montage from the August 31 clips which I’ve entitled “Too Much Wasabi/Wanton Exposure/ICE!”:

Neil Henley is a magic enthusiast and occasional performer who still hasn’t given up his day job. He lives near Tokyo, Japan, and can be found on Twitter.