South American Magician Profile

Though FISM is now long over, it may still be time to mention one of its contestants -even if his participation at the prestigious competition wasn’t necessary for this to happen. Federico Oyarzábal, most commonly known as “Latko” is considered one of the youngest and most talented magicians in South America and for good reason. Over the past few years, he has been awarded some of the most important prizes in the region including the Grand Prix at FLASOMA in 2006.

His success cannot come as that big of a surprise however, as he started studying magic at a very early age and performed his first magic show at the age of 11. His mentors include FISM winner Henry Evans and Mr. Daba, who is a very respected director for magicians in Argentina.

His latest achievement came in Beijing, where he was awarded third place in the Parlor Magic category, his skills leaving no room for controversy. Check out this clip of his performance.

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