Is newly minted FISM champion Shawn Farquhar a smirking, marginally talented hack who liberally lifts from other magicians? One blogger who authored a lengthy post currently making the rounds among various industry message boards thinks so.

Roland, who runs the very snarky Weekly Magic Failure site tore into the the crowning of Farquhar as the new FISM champion of card magic.

…unfortunately that grinning, presumptuous bastard, got it. And as if he doesn’t brag enough about the other 40 prizes he got in the past, this will be the laurels that he will rest on. I can see him jumping around, singing “I do not need a likable character, I’ve got awards and I am better than you!”

Roland goes on to compare Farquhar’s signiture piece Shape Of My Heart to a televised Russ Stevens routine.

Mud slinging is nothing new in this industry or online, in fact, we only post this because it was sent to us a few times. Feel free to sound off in the comments.

  • Mago Parra

    i think my friend farquar used to much structure, to much stage charisma in his line of defense to convince us. So in my eyes, russ is still winning by 5 points

  • payne

    Wow, some people really need to get a life. I've just finished watching the two videos of the acts in question and can't see, apart from the music and the stool, any similarity at all. But perhaps I blinked and missed the part where Shawn pulled out a card sword. Having once won a gold medal at a major magic convention that was sparsely attended that year I know how it feels to have an award cheapened by what is perceived as a lack of fair or challenging competition. I was fearful that this same sort of attack would be inflicted upon the winner this FISM as I heard that attendance was far below average. But I was not expecting this level of vindictive mendacity with all of the unwarranted character assassination and deluded charges of thievery. Yes, Shawn is no Fred Kaps and better magi have taken home the Grand Prix. conversely worse acts and performers have won FISM in the past. This is the nature of competition. Not every race that is won sets a world record but every race has a winner. The winner is the victor at that place and time not the best that ever was or will be. So all you finger flinger bemoaning the fact that Shawn isn't the greatest card worker that ever their was just get over yourselves. Shawn was the best that was there at that date and time and that's all that counts. If you think you can do better get yourselves a sponsor and make your reservations for Blackpool.

  • Mago Parra

    @justin said these wize words:

    To be fair Tim, The Internet WAS kind of based on visiting forums to
    launch petty, childish attacks. :)

    payne, please dont ruin this moment for us, we all understand that we are backstabbing a kind man like farquar, but it has some reason to exist.

    1.- magicians can engage in something, and participate in drama, conflict, if you would utilize this great stuff in your magic, people will love you, and they wont get bored…………… ither words, we are having fun, with our unique reality show, where russ and farquar are the stars, and we are the observers with strings, that could manipulate the opinion, like farquar just did in his response, using his sharp witz, and good humor and charisma.

    2.- look at it this way, all this competing thing is just stupid, max maven states that art cant be judged, so whats up with proving whos better between artists. didnt you listen to farquar confess that he only does this competition bit to get more money, HURRA, for farquar, he loves magic, and even understands that this post aint serious, and he knows how to deal it intelectualy (@farquar: ” I cannot reply to this blog as it is blocked here in China, but with the help of a friend I am able to read the writings of this vicious individual and his friends with no credentials other than their right to use the internet. I will make no comments to these people as that would only help them in their quest for celebrity) in other words , farquar is playing and having fun with this, its a great game of smarts and witz, where you use your friends, internet, etc. wow, its a like a spy movie. by the way, i like your site payne, congratulations

  • Tim Ellis

    Mago Parra – You are an idiot.

    Banester – Yes, I was shocked when 'Card Rap' came out, there are a lot more similarities between 'Card Rap' and 'Six Card Rap' than Russ & Shawn's routines, but I had to accept that it was independent creation.

    Yeeris – So it's obvious to you that Shawn is a thief? He's a very bad thief because he changed almost the entire routine he (allegedly) stole!

  • cardman

    I'll say it again. Ellis was not the first to do a “card rap”. Take it to the bank. Ellis was just the first to decide to make money on it.

  • Mago Parra

    im an idiot? lets watch some footage to see whats an idiot ,…
    do i dress like a transvesti??…
    i rest my case on whos an idiot

    i been exercizing my nlp skills, and trust me guys, when someone calls you an idiot, its that i hit a nerve. but ok, im an idiot for any reason that tim has to ofend me, but im prety sure im not a hipocrit— i dont go around the world talking about piracy, and at the same time:

    1.- LOS DEL RIO, a spanish duo, the ones that created la MACARENA song, and they comment that they were down on their luck. ¿did you pay royalties to use there song??
    2.-'I Dream of Jeannie' is a registered trademark of CPT Holdings and is a Sidney Sheldon . ohh here your wife on this clip,…
    did you pay royalties??
    3. did you pay Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe, for using there music on your act??…
    please apoligize for calling me an idiot, and we forget the past, and move on

  • Mago Parra

    can you apoligize tim? for offending me in front of all this kind people, or ill call the duo MACARENA composers del RIO, Cotton Eye Joe red nex, and i dream of jeannie trademark holder, and ill tell them that you said that it was a plesure doing buisness with them, and hope the royalties you paid for using there music was suficient.

  • Tim Ellis

    Cardman, I know how much you enjoy ragging on me. I see it in your blog and I see your comments on my YouTube clips. This thread is about Shawn and Russ.

    Please start another specifically for attacking me, okay?

  • cardman

    That would be true I admit as most know you simply became the best model by far for things I pretty much despise. Still you judged the comp, and as I stated many times I think the judges should be mainly shunned in this case. You need to step up a little and realize that you played a very large part in the whole ordeal of defending Shawn's act while claiming to be thoroughly against theft. You by your own design chose to be the team mascot for such years ago. You should somewhat see the validity here. You wanted the role, now you have to take the heat upon the actions of what you've preached for years.

    That's not an attack, it's the debate at hand that made it to Itricks and many other sites.

  • yeeris

    Mago Parra, quit posting. You're an idiot and you're making the rest of us who are trying to defend Russ Stevens look bad.


  • Tim Ellis

    Mago Parra,

    Yes we pay royalties to use the music and Sue-Anne is the official Jannie lookalike.

    Go sit with Cardman and Roland and figure out something fresh to challenge me on.

    And yes, I am against theft and piracy. In the Russ vs Shawn case, there is no piracy. Get over it

  • cardman

    Can I do that “Peggy Sue” routine I talked about with the Buddy Holly Glasses then at FISM? Can you please compare how that would be different? (Try not to avoid that question if you can). A rational response would be nice for everyone here.

    I said nothing about piracy, where did that come from? Intellectual theatrical theft is the topic here, not psychical product. You've been avidly against this type of theft for years and is wide open for the world to witness.

    If anything, the best we can hope for is that you understand it's not a question of policing or waving a flag of what people can and can't do. That line is too thin to define. As your showing to everyone here even you will “adjust” those morals to your own tastes depending on the situation that serves your own opinion at the time. That's basically the definition of hypocrisy.

    If you can simply state how Shawn's act is different than someone going into FISM doing the “Peggy Sue” with Buddy Holly glasses cups and balls we'd all be satisfied.

  • Brendan


    Cardman – what has card rap to do with this? Stop trying to change the topic. And your analogy of the Peggy Sue cups and balls is flawed, very very flawed. I'll leave you to figure out why, you're the clever one after all.

    Mago Para – Are you 12 or mentally deficient?

    Russ – Nice to see you finally balls up and come out with the accusations you have made privately, got any proof to rebut Shawn with? Are you going to lodge a complaint with FISM? If you truly believe you are right you'll follow this thru', but what will you do if the ruling goes against you, will you continue to make these accusations? And the question on everyones lips “If this really is true why hasn't Russ spoken up previously? Is he simply trying to get some attention from Shawn's win?”

  • cardman

    Brendon. The question is rather simple. Instead of saying “It's not the same”, state how it's different, and that analogy is flawed.

    Card Rap is not changing subjects. A few used that example in a tone that it was a given that “card rap” is “Ellis'”. He just made a video to sell using those theatrics. In no way was he the first to perform it publicly.

    I am indeed keeping the topic on track. Usually when confronted with the true grit of the subject at hand Ellis is fairly known to not respond to that question. Still, my previous post should be responded to by Ellis.

  • yeeris


    Please don't respond to Cardman. He's just trying to push this thread in a different direction.


  • Mago Parra

    The Internet WAS kind of based on visiting forums to
    launch petty, childish attacks. :) anen
    look yeeris, im not an idiot, tim did understand, what? the message was aboutm regarding to the music , HE USES on his acts , and i doubt he paids a skuat, making him a hipocrit and lier, where he talks to the world about piracy, and there he sits being a judge of a material that we saw in 1993, and even makes him a winner. why, am i an idiot up to here?

    @brendan, like farquar said, im not responding to members who hide behind an invisible nick, i bet your that 12 year old retarded kid, and im not going to give you more publicity and atention. im a working profesional in magic, and kids behind the youtube era dont count, so @brenda (a girls name in my country) SHHHHH, http://WWW.SHHHHH. oopps i stole Dr. evils line, but its ok, because i can use it in the next fism, and everyone would no is Dr. evil, but because he didnt pattent those lines, its ok.

  • cardman

    That is the direction the thread is based on, hook, line and sinker.

    The point is ethics are a matter of opinion with theatrics. Personally if I knew about Russ' routine I would never perform it at something like FISM. For laymen and whatnot great. Even Ellis will adjust his ethics as per his own friends and peers. Doing a Cups and Balls to Peggy Sue and Buddy Holly glasses is in poor taste. I think it would be a severe challenge to try and say one is ok in Shawns case while the other isn't. Problem is Ellis is the poster boy for intellectual theft. Yet sat in a judge's chair while saying nothing, and we can assume gave Shawn the highest score of the other performers…after all they are buddies.

    Looks like he gave up the internet BTW. So, I doubt he will respond.

  • Mago Parra

    ok, i have the solution to this dilema, im fliping a coin, and will post the outcome at teh cafe amd all over the net, here goes, heads farquar, and russ tails….wait, lets make a post on whos going to be tails, that could be something more to argue about….geez, i think im an idiot, maybe it makes me laugh so hard, thanks itricks for ispiring my humor.
    here goes the toss………..and the winnner is…………………FARQUAR, MY BUDY FROM CANADA, HE WON, and everything said about him must be taken back. and for have competed in this great coin toss, you will get your free video , just go this link to claim your prize…
    administrators, i think we are finish here, please close the thread

  • friendinflorida

    What a great blog. All this friggin fightin and it has nothing to do w/ Criss Angel. I do BeLieve it is a first… ha.

    How does it feel? Both parties accused of lying, stealin, cheatin. Geesh Sopranos ain't got nothin over Magicians. Hard crowd.

    p.s. Justin, did you get my email?

  • dr_bond

    Nerden – I have known Fraquhar for twenty years… I know the REAL Shawn Farquhar and I stand by my words. It is you that does not know the real boy. I have never met anyone who likes himself more than S.F.

    Your rant is typical of the VMC Lovefest for this ethically challenged performer.

  • Norden

    Well, since you don't seem to like him very much I am sure you wouldn't be in one anothers company often. So, I am willing to guess that your 20 years of 'knowing' him doesn't add up to a lot…since you can't even spell his name right…

  • shayneking

    How to gain major publicity as a magical entertainer.

    I am about to reveal a secret.

    Russ Stevens and Shawn Farquhar seem to have already discovered the secret to getting world wide publicity for themselves and their respective magic acts.

    Are you ready? Here it is.

    1. Do a YouTube search for an act/routine that is similar to yours.(the two acts/routines do not even need to be close to the same)
    2. Contact the magician in the video you found and ask him if he would like to collaborate with you in creating a controversy.
    3. Have either yourself or your new partner post a vicious comment on the internet accusing the other of stealing your idea for the act/routine. (Must be vicious enough to elicit rebuttals from supporters of both of you)
    4. Keep close tabs on the resulting debate and when it appears that the debate is beginning to taper off quickly step in with more of yours and your partner’s comments (make them equally controversial as your first were) to keep the debate wide open.

    If the debate is sufficiently interesting you will find that more and more websites will pick up the story and poof, next thing you know you have “World Wide Publicity”.

    Granted that this blog comment is entirely satirical but if it has helped either of these two fine performers or myself “book a show” then my time has been well spent.

  • Mago Parra

    amen, i confess, i mett farquar on a convention, and i was overwhealm about his love over his daughter, and i hd a vision that he would be one of our top performers in the near future. and years later, i tell him to bribe tim , and make a bad double lift, and begin a controversial publicity stunt, and thats why i erased all negative steatments and may the gigs foolow farquar. i cant say i know russ, but he seams like a good guy, a little jelous on his part for farquar fame, if he didnt like the publicity, and all the fame, he wouldnt have posted nothing, and continue to go on teh road with paul harris doing nothing, and enjoying nature
    i want to thank everyone taht participaded in this reality show, and may our main actors have the fame that they deserved.

  • Tim Ellis

    So Michell,

    Do you think I was the only judge? What about the other six on the jury? Didn't you tell Shawn to bribe them as well? Bribing just one wouldn't have been enough…

    Don't be surprised if people call you an idiot when you continue to act like one.

  • the morgue

    mago parra past away a phew minutes ago, and his last words were handed to me to post here, he said before dying that it was important fact for the case of farquar. rest in peace mago parra (this drama was learned from tim using examples like kids beaten in australia and magicians having atacks in plaines to win an argument)

    letter from russ 02/29/08

    I wouldn't want to ever fall out, and of course, as discussed before, I know that we've simply had the same presentational idea. In fact when a few people first told me of yours, I checked out what you were doing and found it to be obviously different to the extent that a rip-off wouldn't do. “

    Russ Stevens

    I had a blast at Blackpool despite the Compere …


    Russ Stevens

  • Big Walter

    I think Mr Ellis would be taken more seriously by more people around the world if he bothered sticking to the rules of FISM himself and refrained from calling himself a world champion in his publicity material, or perhaps judges are allowed to bend the rules a bit??

  • CoinGuy

    I am unable to find where Tim has billed himself as a “world champion”.
    He HAS won a silver medal (1994) and a special jury prize (1991) at FISM. He was named a Teenage Champion Magician of Australia, Champion Close Up Magician of Australia, and Champion Stage Magician of Australia. He is also a Guinness World Record Holder.

    His promotional material mentions he won two awards at the 'FISM World Championships of Magic' and that he is an Australian National Champion.

    Where does he publicize himself as a FISM World Champion Magician?
    Oh. It DOESN'T. You're a liar. Or so quick to jump on a bashing bandwagon that you can't be bothered to read accurately.

    It's not enough for you people (Roland and his ilk) to just have a disagreement with someone. You have to tear down, pile on, and try to destroy. Finally, when you run out of ammo you just plain make stuff up.

    And why do you imbeciles do this? Because you jealous. You feel left out. You know magic too, but somehow you aren't one of the “popular” kids.

    You don't want to pay your dues, so you tear down. You're unable to create, or craft, or do positive things yourself so you bash others, spend hours pointing out (and making up) problems, then pretend you have contributed to the magical discourse. You haven't.
    You like to think people have a problem with you because you're “too raw” or “too edgy”. But that's not true. You aren't annoying because you're pushing buttons or skewering sacred cows. You're annoying because you're like a spoiled child in a restaurant. You can't contribute anything because you're too busy trying to soak up any attention you can get, negative or otherwise.

    You guys are pathetic.

  • russstevens

    Hello Everyone,

    As people seem to love posting private emails between myself and Shawn Farquhar from years ago, which he has obviously been passing around, here you go for one last time:

    I WROTE:

    “I wouldn't want to ever fall out, and of course, as discussed before, I know that we've simply had the same presentational idea. In fact when a few people first told me of yours, I checked out what you were doing and found it to be obviously different to the extent that a rip-off wouldn't do.”.

    SF had told ME this in 2005 and being an honest guy I was wiling to believe him. Even then I'm still pointing out it's the same presentational idea. The rest was simply over-politeness on my part.

    It was only after this point (recently) that other information was passed onto me which proved that what he was saying was untrue. He had done this for years.

    It is not good enough quoting my 'kind' email that I sent years ago when so many new facts have recently come to light.

    The last part that you've put my name to:
    “I had a blast at Blackpool despite the Compere …” were not mine although you've attributed them to me?

    On another note, Tim Ellis has behaved disgracefully throughout this debate. He has resorted to posting parts of private emails from me in public, posted links to videos making fun of me and even tried to misquote me to shut the debate down on most forums. As a FISM judge I would have expected better and I think he has done nothing to enhance the name of FISM or himself throughout this matter.

    Once again. I stand by every word that I've written in my recent posts.


  • Tim Ellis

    Dear Big,

    As much as I hate wasting time responding to these stupid allegations. If you can find me referring to myself as WORLD CHAMPION please let me know and I'll delete it immediately.

    On the other hand, if you are serious in your intention to correct false claims, why don't you email Matt Hollywood and ask him to stop calling himself “Australia's Comedy Magic Champion, Gold Award Winner of Australia's Magician of the Year” as no such awards even exist.

  • artist

    @coin heres the link about the egomaniac link, enjoy
    heres another link you might enjoy, maybe your mr right for him coin…

  • Gord Boyes

    Russ, I believe I was the first one to post the message that you sent to Shawn at some point in the past. I found it while I was researching this issue after receiving an email from someone calling themselves Jim McDonald, so I don't think Shawn has been “passing around” correspondence which you seem to have intended as being private. Having said that, I don't see any issue with posting something intended as private if it helps defend against allegations of wrong doing.

    I posted it because I felt it was relevant to the issue at hand. It shows that this matter has been discussed in the past with the information that was available at the time. While you point out that you feel you have the “same presentational idea”, there are many who disagree with that and feel there is little similarity other than the music. Shawns thought that they were too similar was based on second hand information and before he had seen your routine.

    Jim Mcdonald has failed to respond to my emails asking for more information about who he is. I prefer to know who I am corresponding with when I deem it a serious matter, but while it's easy to find information about most of us, he has hidden behind anonymous postings. I can only conclude that whoever he is, he has an axe to grind with Shawn. He is a troll and has no credibility.

    You have new information from Reg Donnelly which you say proves that what Shawn has been saying is untrue. Reg says that he and Shawn shared the cost of some conversion and both ended up with a copy. Shawn says it's not so. It would therefore be just as valid for me to say that the information I have from Shawn proves that what Reg is saying is untrue. We can agree that they both can't be correct and I would encourage those two gentleman to discuss their recollections and hopefully come to an agreement.

    For the sake of argument, let's say that Reg is correct. If Shawn ended up with a copy of the tape, did he watch it? You are obviously an established and skilled magician but I don't know my history that well, how well known you were 15 years ago and don't know if Shawn would have been motivated to watch the tape (I have boxes of DVD's and tapes, many gifted to me, which I have not viewed). Maybe he watched it and just doesn't remember it because he wasn't that impressed (that is not intended as a slight against you, there are many successfull acts that I don't care for, it's a matter of opinion and taste). Maybe he's just not that into you.

    You feel that Shawn has acted in an unethical manner, but that is not consistent with the way he has conducted himself throughout his career in so many ways. He has offered a reasonable explanation to every accusation and allegation thrown at him. I know you're not hearing what you want to hear, but sometimes the truth just has to suffice.

    Shawn has done a great job of promoting himself and I'm sure that there are some people who will see you do your act and feel that you're using that song because you saw Shawn do it and were inspired by him. We all know that's not true, so it's unfortunate that some people will have that thought, while it is unfortunate, it's just a fact of life.

    Gord Boyes
    President – IBM Ring 92

  • artist

    Russ, im so amaze at what you just said, and i can clearly see that your not lying, i tell you not as an NLP trainer, but a follower of the “lie to me” series, i truly have to consider again my posture, and said that your the winner on this debate, the facts are and remain the same, and becuase you have the video of your perfomance first on a live show, that makes you a winner, and my farquar had showed a video of him during an act prior to your show, i would have to reconsider my posture.

    So the evidence points out clearly that farquar just use a song that you use, and the teatrics, and thats unethical, but cmon, i do magic all the time using lines from all the great magicians, i use teatrics from all our heroes:
    - who does the paper over the head gag/effect, do you think slydinis granson are worried and pointing names? well maybe, if i win fism with that.
    - can i have the pen back, thats how i got it.

    i think that the main truth here is that these 2 fantastic magicians, are fighting over who contribute something original. and i would sugest to farquar to give up on this tresure, and confess that he did use that original gem from when he saw that video or show, and keep his fism statue, and brag that he is a champion-
    and russ should apoligize for not wining a fism act with that routine.
    So in the latest podcast the question was asked to bizarro,
    ¿what can we learn from this????' easy, LETS MAKE A NEW RULE IN MAGIC FOR FISM COMPETITIONS ONLY: if that material hasnt been used in fism, you can use it, in that stage, even if its not yours, on the other hand, if you use that original material on a perfomance outside the fism, you can flame the guy, point with finger, and make a fuzz of how they stole your act-
    i tought that the first to publish, or performed an act and all its original structure had the right for the win, but it seams its more dificult then i tought.

  • artist

    i give up, gord boyes, makes so much sense, and convince me, i just cant handle this MAGICIANS ARE SO convincent, and they ramble words with such a conviction,
    i would recomed every magician here, if your down on your luck and need fast money, go sell use cars, that talent of deception will help you get the money.
    someone here, amybe it was me, i change nicks every 5 seconds, stated that they should toss a coin, and leave it at that, its to damn hard to get the facts. peace brothers

  • russstevens

    Dear Gord,

    This is now going around in circles isn't it? I can see why other threads have been locked. I will say again, that I stand by every word that I've written.

    I think it was you on the cafe that quoted Shawn on the Genii forum saying that we had come up with the idea at the same time (plus the other wording that you added above which was posted by Shawn and was a private email), something he knows is not true and that was, I think, my first post on the matter to put that matter straight. I believe you accepted that in your reply.

    As for the fact of 'maybe Shawn' not watching or being impressed by the tape and therefore forgetting he ever saw me. I know that to be incorrect, as Shawn made several observations to Reg afterwards that he's told me about.

    I think of particular interest to you might be this article by Tyler Wilson who I respect very much. He is spot on:

    As is Duncan Trillo at:

    I would also suggest that there are now also a lot more people that know my side of the situation and because of that, now the next time they watch Shawn Farquhar, his performance will not quite be the same will it? I guess that's just a fact of life too though.


  • rayroch

    I have known Shawn Farquhar for over thirty years and in all of that time found Shawn to be a person who never hesitated to credit an originator of a trick or routine, a most sharing individual with a wealth of knowledge. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would doubt his honesty when he maintains that he came up with his “Shape of my Heart” routine independent of Russ Stevens. In my opinion: the main difference between Russ's routine and Shawn's is that Russ has an act of card fan productions, whereas Shawn presented an ambitious card routine. The music is purely incidental. The ongoing personal attacks upon Shawn and his style of entertainment is totally uncalled for. Shawn had an original presentation and deserved his win.

  • Bizzaro.

    I have to comment on a few things here cuz' well, it's too much fun.

    “Biggest award in magic” was stated above by someone. Outside of magic, you know what he won? A really nice paper weight. Personally I am more proud of the fact I have NEVER won an award and I get paid to perform for real people who enjoy what I do and don't write slurs on the internet about me.

    At this point, I find it amusing that we have run out of things to complain about in the initial argument and have now began to turn inwards and start attacking each other. It's like.. I dunno.. CANCER!!!

  • artist

    you sadi it wizely bizarro, this is wasy to much fun for us, maybe the internet was menat for magicians having fun, and porn, who knows

  • James

    I notice Cardman has blocked Ellis & Webster from commenting on his blog. I'm surprised Tim wasted any time at all responding to Cardman's accusations. Cardman continues to attack them both with ridiculous claims from the safety of his anonymity, but he obviously doesn't want to be proven to be wrong in front of his followers

    Can you imagine his outcry if he was blocked from his “freedom of speech” here at iTricks?

    Smells of hypocrisy to me

    Watch out or you'll be the next Weekly Magic Failure

  • coperfield

    look james (tim) , he hasnt block anything, only editing the posts of harsh kidy atacks from you, come on, cardman proved you one after one all your questions regarding the history on card rep (card rap) from the 1930s, he gave you a free course, and he proved to you how you supiosely came up with your original stuff, i listen to your podcast tim, and i found how you stole lines from mago parra, regarding max maven to make you look good, i know this is lots of fun tim, but you cant compete, your IQ is to low, i know your bored, but cmon, please restrain of playing with the big boys, i dont know how you can increase IQ, i have heard that on harvard they do this exercises called anagrams (not like our magic ones) and they suposely push the limits on our cerebrum, try that, and if you improve, wait, wait, we still have to help you in your witz, mmmhh, how can we help you there, i know, go to your closest bar full of hecklers, and do magic for them, get down from stage and clowing around and dressing like jeannie, thats how bill malone got his witz, facing the fire of improvisation, ok, once you get that witz done for come back, ooohhh, im still forgetting one thing, you need to read dale carnegie, how to influence people, you cant go around the world calling people idiot, thats a no no, in human relations, so just drop your internet atacks a notch, oohh and one more thing, use art of war tactic, LOOK WEAK, AND HIDE THE FORCE, this means dont let them know your IQ is low, its like our main deception tool, “telling people the end of the magic effect, before ”
    well, i think that if you follow this steps you will be ok, and you will improve, if you have questions, just post them here, and please continue with your blog, ok? remember this is fun for bizarro, coperfield, and big names like that.

  • coperfield

    hey james , do you have eyes? can you read the posts from civilize people that type not kidy atacks, try it, if cardman had something against tim, he wouldnt have posted his complete podcast and your post wouldnt be here saying that horrendous acussation, of course he did it intentionally so people would notice how retard you are tim, sorry, sorry, how retard he hes and contradicts himself in everything he does and saids………….that was a twisted strategy on your part cardman, you should be ashamed of yourself, leaving tim to talk, and show his low IQ.

  • Big Walter

    Tim Ellis wrote “As much as I hate wasting time responding to these stupid allegations. If you can find me referring to myself as WORLD CHAMPION please let me know and I'll delete it immediately.

    On the other hand, if you are serious in your intention to correct false claims, why don't you email Matt Hollywood and ask him to stop calling himself “Australia's Comedy Magic Champion, Gold Award Winner of Australia's Magician of the Year” as no such awards even exist.”

    Nice choice of words .

    No, you're right. I don't think anyone will find YOU saying “World Champion”
    on YOUR site. That would be unethical and deceptive. And if we can't trust a FISM judge who can we trust? LOL. It's common sense that you can't call your self World Champion, but just in case you don't have any, the fism rules are fairly clear.

    But you used to. What changed? Were you found out? FISM told you off? Realised you were becoming a laughing stock? That no one would take you seriously anymore?

    Here's one for the doubters.

    Here's some more. these are current. Did these people make this up?
    Anyone with half an understanding of dealing with agents and bookers
    know how this works. You supply the promotional material and they put
    it up on their site.

    So you were happy to feed out false advertising yourself,
    and now are happy to profit from it remaining out their unchallenged.

    Yes, perhaps people should spend some time trying to get Mat Hollywood to stick to the truth in his advertising material. But perhaps he is just following the example you set? Has that not ever occured to you?

    This “debate” has moved on from who copied whos act and has become one of the credibility of the partcipants. You've come out of this badly.

  • Big Walter

    Tim you're right. I don't think anyone will find YOU claiming World Champion on YOUR site.

    That would be unethical and deceptive. And if we can't trust a FISM judge who can we trust? LOL.

    But you used to. What changed? Were you found out? FISM told you off? Realized you were becoming a laughing stock? I'm mean it's common sense who can claim the title, but just in case , the rules of fism state clearly who can claim the title.

    So, Heres one for the doubters.

    Heres some more to save you some time.. these are current. Did these people make this up?
    Anyone with half an understanding of dealing with agents and bookers know how this works. You supply the promotional material and they put it up on their site.

    So, you're happy to feed out false advertising and now are still happy to profit from it.

    This debate has moved on from who copied whos act and has become one of the credibility of the participants.

    Oh yes, you mentioned Mat Hollywood. I agree. He claims some pretty odd things too. Perhaps he's just been following the example you set.

  • PaulC

    Surely the point of contention is the effect not the routine. The audience see cards being manipulated to a song and most importantly revelations coinciding with the words of the song. Of course magicians being magicians concentrate on the methods and routine when the critical point is the effect. The effect including the use of the stool is the same.
    Tim Ellis should respond to Cardmans direct point about the cups and balls routine !

  • Tim Ellis

    Dear Walter, no those examples are not current.

    I hired a publicist about five years ago and she sent out PR to agents that was not correct. I used he for about two months before releasing her. But thank you for finding those agents for me. Now I can send them (again) my current press info and hopefully they will update it.

    And no, other than doing half my act (and portions from every other working magician's act in the country) Matt is not following my lead. He's chosen his own unique path to travel.

    If I did what he is doing I'd definitely have a lot more work too but, despite the claims of you three, I actually am ethical.

    Think, for a moment, if FISM felt I was breaking their rules, why would they ask me to be on the jury three times in a row?

    I respect the opinions of people who post with their real names on all these blogs, even you Roland, but those hiding behind false names, and those who alter comments on their blogs and claim Sue-Anne wrote them (you know who I mean Cardman, and yes, I can still read your blog, whoever's IP you blocked, it wasn't mine) you really are making very foolish accusations.

    You started attacking Shawn because he won and you felt he ripped off Russ Steven's act.

    He didn't. You obviously don't believe what you're saying because if you did you'd lodged a complaint with FISM, not cry about it in here. Even Russ hasn't filed a complaint.

    Then you accuse me of support Shawn because I'm his friend, and Roland even says “the contests must have been rigged”.

    There were 6 other judges. Even if I was to give Shawn 100, there are 6 other people who could counteract my score.

    The FISM scoring system is transparent, the scores are published. The competition is over.

    Try again next year.

  • magicisdull

    um.. you magicians need to get a life.

    As an bystander( just trolling around the intertubes) i think this argument is pointless.

    Arent you all sucking harry houdini's cock and calling it original?

    Most of you build your original acts from the johnson smith catalogue in the back of the comics.

    Admit it.

    Which among you hasnt tried to “thrill” sombody with the linking rings?

    Or better yet, “discover a new way to use a thumb tip.”



    Go back to fighting off clowns for your birthday party money.

  • magicisdull

    um.. you magicians need to get a life.

    As an bystander( just trolling around the intertubes) i think this argument is pointless.

    Arent you all sucking harry houdini's cock and calling it original?

    Most of you build your original acts from the johnson smith catalogue in the back of the comics.

    Admit it.

    Which among you hasnt tried to “thrill” sombody with the linking rings?

    Or better yet, “discover a new way to use a thumb tip.”



    Go back to fighting off clowns for your birthday party money.