The Air Force put out a press release yesterday detailing exactly what Criss was doing at Edwards Air Force Base a few days ago.

For the stunt, Mr. Angel was to walk across seven levels of a mine field; an act which he said would be more dangerous than anything he’s ever performed.

“I’m going to try to avoid literally being blown up by an IED,” said Mr. Angel. “I’m going to try to walk over seven levels of mines and not get blown up. Usually, when I do a stunt, if I’m wrong it’s a huge embarrassment, but this time it’s a life or death situation.”

The release also lets slip that the Mindfreak debut will be August 12th and last one hour long. Between filming, Angel met with a couple hundred fans including friends and families of currently deployed servicemen and woman.

  • Chase

    Come on landmines.

  • tommEE pickles

    It's a lame stunt. It would only be topped if he did it across the land mines between GitMo and the rest of Cuba.

  • cardman

    This is what magic has come to. Knowing Criss and everyone knowing what he really does the mines will be movie props, minus the one they blow up in a field to show how dangerous they are.

  • LOYAL_Jaci

    O_O! I'm SO glad I figured this out AFTER he filmed it!
    I thought he would've been attempting to go 9 g's again. Hmm..

  • Mark

    Sorry, Criss, but I say it's poor taste. You are trivializing those who serve our country by converting a very real daily threat to their existence into an entertainment gimmick. What's next, the waterboard torture escape?

  • Friend in Florida

    What? That makes no sense Mark and besides you haven't even seen the demo yet. How do you know what took place. Criss also did a shoot w/ kids from the Make a Wish Foundation. I guess you think that is in poor taste also.

  • Friend in Florida

    From The Luxor Twitter…Volunteers needed 2 fill CRISS ANGEL Believe Theatre for 2 illusions 2moro, Fri 6/19 for MINDFREAK. 11 am – 5 pm. 1st come 1st serve

    Troy…you out there. You gotta go. I think this might be the mass levitation Criss talked about. “sigh”…Florida is soooo far away.

  • LOYAL_Less

    I am happy to see Criss isn't letting a little thing like the 10 year reunion of the landmine ban treaty stop him from doing any magic tricks.
    Who cares if there are kids around the world that have to watch where they step, on their way to school, just to keep from getting blown to pieces.
    The U.S. hasn't signed the treaty, even though over 70 other countries have, so why should Criss worry about that.
    It's amazing enough that he has the power to purchase and burry deadly explosives on American soil.

  • Mark

    If this is a direct quote from CA: “I’m going to try to avoid literally being blown up by an IED”, then I stand by my statement. FYI: Improvised Explosive Devices are those nastly little things in Iraq that are robbing mothers of their children on a daily basis. For Criss to even insinuate that he is in the same danger as our service men and women for the sake of an entertaining illusion, then, yes, I say it is in very poor taste. I don't need to see a demo if this quote is accurate. He crossed the line of good taste by 3 letters: “IED”. What makes no sense is your non-sequitur regarding the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I enjoy Criss' performances for the most part. He's a great showman and a great promoter. He just made a poor choice on this particular illusion.

  • John Wolfson

    well Criss already bought this from someone and doesn't want his money, I mean the show's money, to go to waste… I agree with Mark, it is in poor taste. However, look how much attention it's getting him…

  • Hal

    This stunt will be as phony as the “Implosion” farce, where he used a PRE-RECORDED tape on a “SUPPOSED” live show. He’s the biggest joke in the history of magic.

  • Troy in LasVegas

    Fortunetly, or unfortunetly, I will be working Friday or I would go for sure just for shoots and giggles.

    I did see Believe on Tuesday. Theater was not full. Just saying. And I see no way he is gonna fill it for this either.

    Chase- You are evil. I love it. Did you see my review/note on FB of the show? Mike Jones from P&T loved it.

    Mark- Jonathan Pendragon already did Waterboard and Callahan is fixing to copy it.

  • Friend in Florida

    Hal, It was live. I was there. C'mon. Get past the do da and realize he was handcuffed to a building…all alone rigged to blow. Regardless of how he got out or what we saw on film..he did it in 4 minutes. Weather was crazy that day…one stray bolt of would have been his last stunt. However he got out, he was close enough when it went down to catch some concrete in his hip. I guess you can't appreciate it unless you were there. It was awsome! I actually know how he got out…shhhhh. lol.

    Sad face to Troy.

    Mark, from what I have read this is a mind field training place on the Camp. Yes..I actually have a very dear friend who watched friends being taken out from IED's in Iraq. It's horrible. Words can't describe. I don't believe Criss will do it in any kind of disrespectful way. In fact, it might bring more awareness to exactly what this is and what our soldiers are actually facing.

  • reality

    Florida you're an idiot, time to stop living in a fantasy land where magic exists and celebrities like Criss do anything that isn't primarily in their best interest.

  • reality

    Florida you're an idiot, time to stop living in a fantasy land where magic exists and celebrities like Criss do anything that isn't primarily in their best interest.