David Blaine's $100,000 Challenge SolvedThanks to Jennifer Sprague from DavidBlaine.com for reminding us that it was five years ago this week that the ‘Mysterious Stranger’ Puzzle was solved.

David Blaines best selling booking ‘MYSTERIOUS STRANGER: A Book of Magic’ contained a cryptographic puzzle buried deep within it’s pages.

Hidden throughout the book were visual ciphers that, once understood and solved, revealed forty-one clues, and ultimately a twenty-one word riddle that directed the solver to a golden orb concealed somewhere in the Hollywood Hills of California. The ‘real’ treasure being a cash prize of $100,000

It was Sherri Skanes, a retired school teacher in Ventura, CA and her son who solved the puzzle finally.

Blaine at the time said:

We worked so hard on creating this puzzle—I was worried that it wasn’t going to be solved in my lifetime. I am thrilled and relieved to reward Sherri for her hard-work, dedication, and out-of-the-box thinking. Congratulations

Jennifer also wanted us to mention that David is really looking forward to making things more interactive with his fans by reading his twitter feed, Facebook and his fan forum, and of course we know he reads iTricks.com.  He’s looking forward to sharing new things with everybody, not to mention his upcoming project, which will come all in due time.