As reported by Robin Leach:

The International Magicians Society has awarded its first Magician of the Decade award to illusionist Criss Angel, who stars in Cirque du Soleil’s Believe at the Luxor. The Merlin Award was presented after Criss’s second show Saturday night.

Previously, Criss won Magician of the Year honors from the society in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 — the first entertainer to win five titles.

The award was given this weekend after the second Believe show.

  • Timothy Drake

    I bet it costs ten times more to purchase than magician of the year. LOL

    Good PR move for Criss though.



  • Yen Woo Ping

    I don't think he deserves the award. Considering his camera tricks. Are they insane?

  • sam

    He should have gotten best edited show of the year?

  • LoyalChelle35

    Congrats Criss! I'm so proud of you. You have accomplished so much in your career, i bet even beyond your wildest dreams. You are proof that dreams can come true.

  • Tommy Raven

    One day, I will hold an award for the Magician of the Century.
    Mark my words.

  • LoyalWes

    Criss deserves it! I have been a Loyal for years and I am stil have my doubts on various illusions. Do I think Criss Angel uses editing or cgi? I hope not. At the end of the day everyone and shows like breaking the magicains code have placed doubts for some. Another season of Mindfreak sign me up! No matter any says Criss Angel is the current top guy. Believe is by far one of the most expensive and high tech show that exits in magic today. I am ready for season 5 like all the Loyals freaks.

  • Bizzaro.

    See, this is what's wrong with the world. It lacks vision.

  • Lyle Borders

    I agree Bizzaro. I don't understand why this happens. I'm not a loyal, I'm not a hater. I just know that his material is NOT up to par for an award like this. He is not a magician so much as he is an actor, playing in the world of special effects, then trying to make it all seem legit. He is merely riding on his wave of popularity gained SPECIFICALLY from the culture he appeals to. The IMS has apparently degraded to the point where they follow the desires of a louder and more obnoxious group of people instead of actually awarding someone who actually benefits, in a real way, the magical community.

  • Actual Magic Fan

    Giving an award like this, to a low life like him who only does harm to magic, show's just how dumb the I.M.S organization is.

    This “man” goes around putting down far better performers than he is such as Copperfield, Blaine, Callaghan, Keith Barry to name but a few.

    He has no class, no actual spectators in his TV shows, his magic is constant camera tricks, with cheesy acting and bad stooges, but worst of all, he has no RESPECT for this art which goes back hundreds of years.

    If the I.M.S. had any respect for this art they'd give this award to someone like Derren Brown who both a magician AND a mentalist because he loves this art and is highly original and professional with his work. Not to some waster who dresses like he stole clothes from a teenagers room.

    I'm disgusted at seeing this, I love this art so much and to see this turns my stomach.

    Now if they gave him “Joke of the decade” award…..

  • Friend in Florida

    I'm so tired of people saying that the things Criss has accomplished really doesn't exist. So according to you guys, Criss has received an award, which is really not an award; consistently Believe ranks amonst the top ten Vegas shows, but according to you guys the ranking is bogus (BTW Believe up to number five this week) ; into a sixth season of MF, but of course it is all smoke and mirrors and I guess it has gone six seasons because it is just a really bad show. MTV cribs put Criss on because he is a nobody w/ no style or class. The spectators aren't real….even tho I have spoken to quite a few and have been one.

    You can't say everything Criss has accomplished is an illusion just because you don't like him.

    Please people. If magic is the art you love so much, why are you bashing someone who has put it out there like no one else? I really don't understand. As an industry, wouldn't you want to pull together?

    P.S. Drake…have you picked out your Affliction gear yet? lolol.

  • Timothy Drake

    Hi FIF

    Haven't picked picked out anything yet as I think more and more that Believe is just about toast.

    I'd answer your question about why magicians don't like him much but as you said earlier …, You don't want to really know the truth. LOL

    And YES it's a fake award he bought. I know this as fact and even know the guy who gave him the idea of buying the IMS awards. I predict Believe will soon get an award as well. Watch for it LOL.



  • Friend in Florida dear Tim. Glad to hear from ya! How are things in the great white north? I tried to sell some prime Fla. real estate to another dude here and I think he is going to bite…lolol. (sarcasim here).

    When you post your pic I prefer the white affliction shirt…..and don't forget to rip the jeans a little :) . Seriously, time will tell on all our predictions. But I do appreciate your contrary point of view always directed w/ class.

    As far as the award, I know the magicians don't think much of it…but the fans sure do.. And after all…isn't that what counts?

    As to why magicians don't like him much…I know why I just disagree. And yes, I have thought about what I'm gonna have to say if I lose this bet….and I don't think my fingers can type it w/o cramping up…..arhhh.. :) But I will hold my end of the deal. ha..this has been fun!

  • Loyal Kayla

    Yay!! I am so Happy and Proud of Criss! he So Deserves those awards! he is the BEST! I Luv u criss! <3

  • Jane L.

    Did you notice that loyals are the ones that are proud of the award, and not those who love magic? That says PLENTY! To “award” a guy who has a show that “turns people away” from magic is NOT cool… Who’s next, The Masked Magician, “Valentino’?

    The problem with magic is that ANYBODY can make it look like they can do it! Those who do it well are VERY rare. IMS is a mail-order company, and even though they “sell” awards, they have awarded some “worthy” magicians in the past (probably for credibility).

    I don’t see the S.A.M. or I.B.M. sending him cufflinks any time soon, do you? LOL

    PS: An ex-loyal sent me a Google map showing that criss lived less then 5 miles from the IMS president – that says 2 things: Ex loyals are PISSED, and the award means NOTHING! Ha ha ha!

  • Hal

    Anyone who knows anything about video can easily see what a fraud he is. The implosion stunt was the worst disgrace, showing his stupidity, using a pre-recorded tape for an advertised “LIVE” performance. Shows how little talent he really has. He's a disgrace to the art of magic. IMS has shown how ignorant they are, giving this fraud any awards. Anybody can do magic when computers do it for you.

  • Tim Ellis

    BeLIEve – Show of the Century… why not the 'Best Show Ever In The Entire Universe Merlin Award'.

    Criss can afford it

  • Chris W

    I have to agree with FIF. Regardless of how you feel about Criss himself, the bottom line is he is the most talked about guy in the whole industry, and has made magic as an artform more popular than it has perhaps ever been. Not only has he made in INCREDIBLY popular, but he has been significant in moving magic away from sequins, canes and bunny rabbits.

    As for this business about camera tricks, yeah he obviously does use some camera tricks in his tv show – but last time I checked, the 2 ultimate goals of magic are to 1 – entertain your audience and 2- achieve this by creating the illusion of the impossible. Whats the difference between a thumb tip, trap door, and a camera cut? The audience sees the same thing.

    On top of this, I just returned from Vegas and had to see Believe while I was there. Its not the best magic show ever. Its definitely not the worst magic show ever. It was easily one of the best PRODUCTIONS ever. It was an amazing 90 minute show, that was incredible to watch, and from my observations, left every single laymen absolutely floored.

    So tall poppy people, I have to say in front of you all – Congrats to Criss for being recognised for an incredible contribution into the art of magic. A contribution that makes magic more popular than ever before, and as a result, gives us as entertainers more credibility and work than ever before. If you disagree – go put on your sequin vest and rush off to your 8 year old birthday party gig :P

    Peace and Love

  • LOYAL_Jaci

    Aww, yay! I'm so proud of him! He looks so tired though…. of course he did just finish two performances. Get some sleep Criss!! We love you!

  • David

    Criss Angel is the one that got me into magic a few years ago. Even my friends got bitten by the bug, but they stopped doing it after a short period of time. Why?
    Let me put it to you this way: Magic just isn't cool ,especially when you're 16 years old. The stereotype of a magician used to be a guy in a tuxedo, pulling rabbits out of hats with the help of a wand, or just some guy sawing a woman in half in a box.
    Now, that Criss Angel has become so popular, he's changed the stereotype completely. He's made it modern and even attractive to women ;) .But like Chris W. said, “If you disagree – go put on your sequin vest and rush off to your 8 year old birthday party gig :P ”.

  • nunya

    He hasn't made magic more popular than it's ever been, it's been much more popular in the past with other performers like Blaine, Copperfield, Henning and of coarse Houdini. He's on A and E for god's sake. As for moving magic away from rabbits and capes, he didn't do that either. Really all he did was water down David Blaine's concept.

    He might be the most popular magician right now, probably the most popular from the last ten years. So maybe he does deserve this weird award, but his contributions to magic are minimal.

    And what are tall poppy people?

  • Tim Ellis

    BeLIEve – Merlin Award for 'Best Production Ever'

  • Pepka

    David, you try to make it sound like Criss is the first “cool guy” to do magic. The first one to ever work without top hat and tails. Ever hear of Copperfield, or Henning? Besides, there isn't a thing wrong with dressing like a gentleman and looking like a million bucks, as opposed to a grungy “street magician” who looks like he shops at the Salvation Army store.

    Now, this IMS BS. Magician of the decade? The decade isn't over yet. And why does every other group that gives awards give them all at once. Tony gives these things out whenever he feels like it. (Whenever someone writes a check.) But hey, who am I to judge, I'm just a hard working magician who wears a tux. The trophy should read, Best hype for a miserable show that over-uses trapdoors and gothic imagery, all while pissing away millions of dollars of the most creative theater company in the world. But, it probably wouldn't fit.

  • Andy

    Am getting slightly fed up with Criss Angel. Not only does he spell his name wrong, but he was also not the first person to do magic without a 'tuzedo and top hat'. I believe that title goes to Robert harbin, a UK magician who was huge in the 50s and 60s and was also one of the first TV magicians. If Angel wants to use CGI, camera tricks and hoardes of stooges, then let him if it helps make magic 'cool'. just dont give him an award he barely deserves.

  • Tim Ellis

    But didn't Siegfried & Roy win the Merlin Award as 'Magicians of the Century' a few years ago?

  • Friend in Florida

    Andy…how can you spell your own name wrong? It's your name…spell it however you wish. Like instead of Andy couldn't it be Andi, or Ande or Andiie? Award he barely deserves? When is the last time you hung from fishhooks from a helicopter?

    Pepka, did you really hear what David was saying? It's called the future. If you want to hid in Lawrence Welk forever…then go ahead.

  • actinchik

    omg.. im so proud of criss. ive been a follower for years now and ive always beLIEved in him! thank u criss so much for everything u do. i respect u so much and ur art.
    for all of the haters out there who think that hes bull…..y dont u just shut up cuz ur complainings not getting u anywhere! its only gonna make s loyals say something and boost criss angel's art

  • actinchik

    omg.. im so proud of criss. ive been a follower for years now and ive always beLIEved in him! thank u criss so much for everything u do. i respect u so much and ur art.

    for all of the haters out there who think that hes bull…..y dont u just shut up cuz ur complainings not getting u anywhere! its only gonna make s loyals say something and boost criss angel's art