If there has been one constant in magic for the last 63 years, it’s been the UK published and internationally read ‘Abra Magazine’. The First Abra magazine (see photo) was published February 2nd 1946 and was edited and published by Goodliffe.

It was billed as the ‘Worlds only Weekly Magic Magazine’, and has since that time been published regularly on a weekly basis.

In 1984 ownership of the magazine passed to the Davenport family when they published Goodliffe Publications.

In a message this week in the magazine the Davenport family stated:

..However like all enterprises someone has to actually control, finance and be responsible for the enterprise and this has lain with Betty Davenport and Fergus Roy [..] Sadly time marches on and at a time in their lives when they were seeking to take life a little easier their commitment to Abra in particular has substantially increased rather than decreased..

The statement goes on to talk about Bill and Roy Davenport, and their continued commitment to Abra magazine, and their now increasing workload with performances and Davenport’s itself as a business.

We therefore took the view that for the sake of it’s future, Abra now needed a new and dedicated captain at the helm and we were delighted to find a kindred spirit who was prepared to provide such a commitment. As a result we are pleased that we have accepted an offer Stephen Martin, an independant magical enthusiast and entrepreneur

Abra will end it’s long life with the Davenports and start it’s new with Stephen on 29th March 2009