A mentalist known only as Amelia had to be cut free from a tank of water after she unsuccessfully attempted an escape stunt on the German version of Uri Geller’s reality competition show. Although reported as an on-set accident by the UK’s Daily Mail online, it’s hard to tell if the blown stunt was truly a miscue or rather a cleverly played “fail” intended grab attention for the show.

After all, we remember how unscripted moments during the American version of the show (Phenomenon) came to be the most memorable elements of the series.

Without saying that these are planned out “works,” we’re just suggesting that the format might lend itself to these kind of incidents. Of course, since our comments section has been known to see the wise words of a few of the Phenomenon contestants along with some of the participants in the other international versions of the show, we would love to hear the opinions of those who actually know what they’re talking about.