Three days into voting and here are your leaders:

1. Tagged by Rich Ferguson

2. Thread by Wayne Houchin

3. Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders

4. Tube by Jason Messina

Selected effects also receiving votes: Flow by Dan Hauss, Exile by Mathieu Bich, Departure by Derek Roberts

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Remember, we are going to put the Final Four in the Live Chat steel cage on December 30th right here on iTricks. By the time we’re done with 2008, it’ll be lucky to survive the next day.

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  • Girl

    I love thread but it's not a magical effect. I see it as a stunt. There is no elemt of imposibility. The presentation is swallowing thread and pulling it out of your eye. I understand people might wonder how he's getting the thread out of his eye, but they know he's doing it some how by what he claims . What do you guys think? Magic or not?

  • Traci

    Tagged by Rich Ferguson is the best of the best this year;) The hidden content and “way” taught in this dvd is insane and is going to change magic and mentalism for many. “Winging it” never has been so fun and rewarding… and NOT scary!

  • Edmagician

    its more like a stunt…

  • Edmagician

    its more like a stunt…